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Security & Protection

Intervox   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Intervox, develops and manufactures electronic voice systems for security oriented vehicles, public transportation vehicles and public service counters. Our products are mainly for the safety and security market as we develop special intercom voice systems for armored vehicles. More than that Intervox specializes in amplification systems , announcement systems, microphones for special transit vehicles like bus & coach, Mini Buses and other transport vehicles. Intervox products earned great ...
Key Products/Services: Intervox developes and manufactures electronic voice systems for security oriented vehicles, public transportation vehicles and public service counters.
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Hillie Roth   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: sales and business developer
Key Products/Services: sales
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MAXIMUM Security (1984) Ltd.   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Manufacture of intruder alarm systems and all kind of detectors
Key Products/Services: Outdoor and indoor intrusion detectors and wireless detection systems
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Benny Kedar investments   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Our company is a wholesale in Israel .rnWe currently sell women fashion clothes and shoes.rnWe also sell agriculture tools.
Key Products/Services: Women clothing and agriculture tools
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TECH360   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: TECH360 develops and produces advanced Monitoring & Control systems, using GSM, GPS and sub 1Ghz RF communication to integrate in automotive, personal, assets, and heavy duty waterproof products.
Key Products/Services: Monitoring / Control / Tracking ans Security systems
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Company Introduction: Stopsleep is a gadget that prevents falling asllep (drowsy driving) and alarms up to 5 minutes before critical stage!rnrnIt can prevent about 25% of all road accidents - drowsy driving accidents statisticsrnrnPatent granted technology - we already sell in Russia, Germany, France, Australia and othersrnrnThere is a posibility to become get an exclusive distribution rights in several countries (Israe; USA, Canada and more)
Key Products/Services:
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JK   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: I am a senior advisor to Israeli companies that are looking for the Indian and African markets.rnAn indian company with a fresh ready infrastructure similar to yours is looking for collaboration. The indian company is located in Gujarat India and is known by the Rombold company in Germany. I would like to be in touch with a representative from your company. Regards, Jacob
Key Products/Services: CONSULTANCY
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Magosys Systems   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Magos Systems manufactures and markets low-cost autonomous perimeter defense radar systems.
Key Products/Services: Radar-based security systems
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ostfeld LTD   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: we're selling on the Israel diamond exchange, selling loose polished diamonds.
Key Products/Services: loose diamonds
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H.N SECURETY   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: I want to import security cameras and systems protection and Aintrkomim and anything related to stress Namur by the Israeli Standard ... Hmotzrimshmaonein import them from abroad will be high quality and reasonable prices I would love to receive proposals from exports in the above Thanks in advance Boulos Nasrallah Office 049 566 708 Mobile 052-8470333 WWW.FACEBOOK.COM / BOLUSN
Key Products/Services: Protection systems, security cameras and tape recorders
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gidon   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: חברת גדעון יחסית חברה חדשה שמתמקדת בשני דברים מרכזיים אימון והדרכה של כוחות מיוחדים בחו"ל ויבוא וייצוא של כל מוצרי החקלאות השונים החברה עובדת בעיקר עם חברות מאתיופיה
Key Products/Services: עולם הביטחון,חקלאות
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G-Cell   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: G-Cell – develop and manufacture perimeter secure solutions, based on seismic sensors. G-Cell leading products are UGS (unattended Ground Sensor) berried in the ground and monitor intruders movements. Seismic sensors are useful for Border control (especially where no infrastructure exists) , infrastructures perimeter secure (such as gas & oil pipe lines), Air-ports, prisons, rural sites and many more applications. The main characters advantages are: a. A seismic sensor for fast and easy de...
Key Products/Services: Perimeter secure systems base on seismic sensors
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Company Introduction: We are a fast growing company with few fields of activity.Our main activity is International trade and Real Estate Market. In the trade we are specialize in agriculture products and jewlery goods. Also we have a good connections with Russia and former Soviet Union republic mainly - Ukraine. We are looking for a relible and serious partners all over the world in the fields we are remind above. With Respect
Key Products/Services: Flowers, Potato, all kind of wegetables.
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S.I.Pros   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: S.I.PROS company (Selected.Israeli.Professionals) was established in order to provide elite force requirements in security and professional choice. Our company links the power of elite human force with national and international security companies. S.I.PROS comp. has a wide pool of candidates that include only reresentatives from Israel\'s elite units.All candidates are former commanders with high security clearance and unique training. S.I.PROS links the relevant candidates based on role ...
Key Products/Services: Security
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esuite4u   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: We specialized in selling products online and offline
Key Products/Services: Home Safety
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Yahav communication systems   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Yahav security and communication systems is a well established company based in Israel Our services include international security consulting , installation of Alarm systems, smoke detectors, cctv, access control and electric fences. We also sell a wide range of alarm systems and CCTV cameras. Our products and service is of the highest quality.
Key Products/Services: Alarm systems, CCTV, Dvr Pc cards & stand alone. Intercom systems, Electrnic fence systems, Fire detectors and PIR detectors and many more.
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Extrication & Rescuing   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: It is a well-known fact that the first ten minutes following injury are critical, that it is of the utmost importance for medical care to be administered quickly. Quick and good medical attendance is crucial to the saving life consequent to injuries caused. Lives are sometimes tragically lost because of unnecessary issues such as the time factor, location, improper medical care/equipment at the scene of the accident, etc. Due to heavy traffic and narrow streets, the motorcycle is in fact the...
Key Products/Services: Motorcycle Rescue Unit
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CEEexperts   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: מידע וייעוץ לעסקים הפועלים במזרח ומרכז אירופה
Key Products/Services: consulting
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YRL Ltd   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: intersted in finding reliable distributor for unique safety device that installed on helmets, which is a standalone product that has two parts. One is installed in the motor-bike and the other can be easily installed on each and every helmet (regular helmet), and can be easily removed from it as well. The part of the device that can be installed on the helmet can also be affixed on a jacket, using designated strips, that worn by the rider on his body. To be clear, there is no need for a ...
Key Products/Services: the device presented at the company's introduction
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C-Valves Ltd   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: C-Valves’ was founded in 1995 & manufactures an innovative technology that provides precise control of water systems for Public Waterworks and Industrial applications
Key Products/Services: Control Valves
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