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DevMod   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: We offer IT and Web Development services for businesses
Key Products/Services: IT Services and Web Development
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Consulate Mines Company Ltd   -  Ghana 
Company Introduction: We are a small-scale Gold miners and Gems Rough Diamond Stones who have come together to upgrade our production through the introduction of modern technology and equipments. We have therefore over the month's stock piled 300 kilograms of 22 carats,+++ Alluvial Gold bars ready for sale to a prospective Foreign buyers to enable us raise the needed Foreign Capital to meet this Target. We are therefore looking out for a buyer or facilitator who will represent our interest in the part of the World. H...
Key Products/Services: Au Gold
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Boltorn Investment Ltd   -  United Kingdom 
Company Introduction: Boltorn Investment is a financial service company registered in the United Kingdom. We specialize in procuring fresh cut cash backed bank instruments for lease/purchase such as Bank Guarantee(BG),Standby Letter Of Credit(SBLC),Letter Of Credit(LC) and Medium Term Note(MTN) issued by AAA rated banks. We pride ourselves in the simplicity of our terms,procedures and reasonable prices in a world where procuring bank instruments could be difficult and complex.
Key Products/Services: fresh cut cash backed bank instruments for lease/purchase such as Bank Guarantee(BG),Standby Letter Of Credit(SBLC),Letter Of Credit(LC) and Medium Term Note(MTN) issued by AAA rated banks.
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Dolamp Technology Company Limited   -  China 
Company Introduction: Dolamp Technology Company Limited is manufacturer and factory of led vehicle lights, products cover led headlights, led strobe lights, led beacons, emergency led light bars, led mini bars,led work lights,off road led light bars,led driving lights, led truck & trailer lights and led side marker lights, our high standard factory is located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China and has passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system. With rich experience R&D team, standard assembly lines, we offer in...
Key Products/Services: led headlights, led strobe lights, led beacons, emergency led light bars, led mini bars,led work lights,off road led light bars,led driving lights, led truck & trailer lights,led side marker lights
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Sunray International   -  India 
Company Introduction: SUNRAY INTERNATIONAL, established in 2006, is a large establishment having core capabilities of supplying Chemicals, Minerals, Engineering goods, Building materials, Agriculture Equipments, Organic Fertilizers, Agro & It’s Processed Products etc.rnSUNRAY INTERNATIONAL, is leading Manufacture & government recognized Exporters and Domestic Supplier. Within a short span our company has established a reputation as a reliable international supplier of quality and vivid variety products.rnWe endeavo...
Key Products/Services: We export Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC), Sodium Carboxy Methyl Starch (CMS), Sodium Carboxy Methyl Tamarind (CMT), Guar Gum Powder, Dolomite, Soapstone, Hydrated Lime, Marble Powder, Chalk Powder, Calcium Carbonate, Cotton Cake, Groundnut Cak...
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LLC AGROBROKER   -  Ukraine 
Company Introduction: Our company deals with high and first grade wheat flour as well as wheat bran. This is the new direction of business, which we have developed successfully. We are looking for the reliable partners worldwide for long term cooperation.rnrnOur company offers the following products:rnrnProduct 1: Wheat branrnQuantity: 3,000 (+/- 5 %) mt per monthrnQuality: rnMoisture content: max. 15.0 %rnProtein: min. 14.0 %rnCellulose: max. 9.0 %rnAsh content: max. 5.5 %rnrnProduct 2: Wheat flourrnQuantity: 5,000 ...
Key Products/Services: Wheat flour, wheat bran
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Zhejiang ULIRvision Technology Co., Ltd.   -  China 
Company Introduction: Zhejiang ULIRvision Technology Co., LTD (ULIRvision) is one of leading manufacturers of innovative thermal imaging systems that including infrared cameras, gas infrared camera, corona cameras. We are specialized in infrared imaging and UV imaging research, development, production and marketing which we are playing significant roles in a wide range of industrial, commercial activities including predictive and preventive maintenance, condition monitoring,non-destructive testing, research and devel...
Key Products/Services: Infrared Camera,Corona Camera,Thermal Imaging Core,SF6 Gas Infrared Camera,Infrared Window
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MARK MOLENDA AND ASSOCIATES   -  Dominican Republic 
Company Introduction: Import & Export company
Key Products/Services: Alcohol, food
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Saaranga Industries   -  India 
Company Introduction: We are importers, indenting agents, manufacturers, processors, exporters and sourcing consultantsrnWe Export Indian Agricultural Products like Vegetables and SpicesrnWe are into the import and export of Paper and Office Supplies, Inkjet Photo Paper, PVC Flex Banner, R&AC Copper Fittings, Furniture, Gifts, Crafts Decorative Items. And we source the suppliers from all over the globe. We act as distribution house in India.
Key Products/Services: Vegetable, Spices, Paper, Office Paper, Copy Paper, Photo Paper, Pvc Flex Banner, R&AC Copper Fittings, Furniture, Gifts, Decoratives, Plastic and Rubber Scraps
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Xiamen Midy Decors Co.,Ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction: Our integrates the production and wholesale of high quality mens lapel flowers and ribbon crafts with competitive price and experienced technics. Our Products are applied to mens formal suits, perfume root and wine root decor, craft and home decor, gift packing, textile and fashion industries. Our mission is to help our worldwide customer meeting their demand and helping their business growth together. Main Products Midy Decors Co.,Ltd has individual packing and ...
Key Products/Services: Mens Lapel Pins
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Plungo   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: PLUNGO (Plug n' go) founded in 2014 by Ofir Rimoni, Nadav Luboshitz, Guy Pearl and Yonatan Peretz.rnrnPlungo is a young product company specializing in creating simplified solutions for footwear worldrnrnOur main product is Plungo. Plungo is a patent plugin that make sure your flip flops will stay complete. rnWe started to sell the product in Israel just today and we got a lot of applications in order to cooperation.rnrnWe looking for a serious and reliable distributors all over the world.
Key Products/Services: Plungo
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Miro center   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: I want to import from China and turkey jacuzzi equipment
Key Products/Services: Bathtub and jacuzzi equipment
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Agnes Family   -  Ghana 
Company Introduction: very very good
Key Products/Services: oil and gold
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Agnes Family Business   -  United Kingdom 
Company Introduction: A&S Circuit Breakers CO.,LTD.was founded in 2008, which belongs to A&S Group. We have dedicated to providing automatic products, solution and components for industry for a long period. With the long term development of our company, we have consolidated this field, owning many channels to offer the complete series of breakers, switches, potentiometers, contactors, fuse. Also we would like to help customers work out automation solutions as required or needed.
Key Products/Services: oil and gold
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Azeus Crane Machinery   -  China 
Company Introduction: Azeus Crane Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock industrial enterprises, mainly engaged in electric hoist, single/double girder cranes, bridge/gantry cranes, etc. more than 80 varieties of crane manufacturing and export. We have the experience, know-how, and resources to meet a wide variety of industry needs, and we are committed to providing the best customer service in the market.
Key Products/Services: single girder crane, double girder crane, gantry crane, spider crane, ect..
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World Electronics Centre   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: One of the best trading companny in the world.
Key Products/Services: Mobile Phone
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Angus Tech Co.,Ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction: Angus Tech Company Limited has been servicing it's customers by desiging and manufacturing kinds of high quality printed circuit board. Our products include: Rigid Printed Circuit Board fabrication Double-sided through complex multilayers Multiple materials such as Teflon, Ceramics, and Heat dissipative Aluminum (Rogers, Arlon, Taconic, Berquist and so on. Standard and high performance FR4 Circuit can be 1~20 layers, trace and space c...
Key Products/Services: FR4 PCB, MC PCB(Aluminum PCB), Copper based PCB, CEM3 PCB, CEM1 PCB, FR2 PCB, Rogers PCB
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esther nava   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: bathroom accessories
Key Products/Services: TOILETICO
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NingBo TongShun Mold&Plastic Co.,Ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction:     Ningbo Tongshun mold&plastic Ltd,.Co focus on mold design and manufacture, pipe fitting research and development. It lies in the north of Ninghai Country, which is on the coast of the East Sea and Chinese mould center, about 1 hours driving from Ningbo Port, 40 minutes from the Ningbo airport, 10 minute from the Ninghai railway station, 3 hours driving from ShangHai port and Shanghai Pudong airport, The transport is very convenient by water, land and air.     Th...
Key Products/Services: pipe fitting
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Shreeji Expeller Industries   -  India 
Company Introduction: SHREEJI EXPELLER INDUSTRIES IS A LEADING MANUFACTURES & EXPORTERS OF OIL MILL MACHINERY, OIL EXPELLER & OIL EXTRACTION MACHINERYrnrnShreeji Expeller Industries has been established in 1992 by Sh. Naresh Kumar Goyal. It is an internationally reputed manufacturer and exporter of all type of oil extraction machinery and components necessary for oil extraction plants, oil mills, oil refinery plants and bio-diesel plant production houses. The company delivers the top level solutions to clients for ev...
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