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Carrier Casual Sports Goods Co., Ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction: Carrier Casual Sports Goods (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of sports and leisure goods.         Our company is located in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. It takes 30 mins to  Railway Station and  Airport and we are also beside Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, so there are convenient transportation, nice scenery and kind people.       Our company is a professional manufacturer of world's top NEOPRENE products. As we have...
Key Products/Services: Fly breathable wader
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Xinglun Group Ltd.   -  China 
Company Introduction: Xinglun Group Ltd is a compositive company which invest in many industries,we fist cocus on mooring rope,anchor chain,anchor,steel wire rope such kind of products for shipbuilding company and shipowner.
Key Products/Services: rope
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shay o   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: buy products from israeli and worldwide suppliers to sell this products online
Key Products/Services: buy products from israeli and worldwide suppliers
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Wuxi Green Year Union Works Co.,Ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction: We Supply Enzyme like:rn1.Glucoamylase(high activity)rn2.Medium temperature alpha-Amylase(2000-3000u/ml)rn3.Thermostable alpha-amylase(80000u/ml,120000u/g)rn4. Cellulasern5. Fungal alpha-amylasern6. Acid Proteasern7.Xylanasern8. Lipasern9.Catalasern10. Specialty complex enzymes for animalsrnWuxi Green Year Union Works Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise with an integration of research development, producing and trading.We are committed to providing the best value for cost-effective, and seek in (t...
Key Products/Services: india turkey singapore
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STF Bike Shop   -  Indonesia 
Company Introduction: STF Bike Shop also continuing commitment to providing value, education, expert advice and professional service to the cycling community. STF Bike Shop is the #1 shopping destination for people who love to ride bikes.
Key Products/Services: bicycle, road bike, mountain bike, frame set
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AlcoTest   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Introduction"Alcotest" is a one-off kit for testing legal alcohol limit for drivers. Kit consists of a test tube and a plastic bag. At the end of the test, the user will be notified of the level of alcohol in his body by the color of the tube - Gray (~zero level), Pink (the maximum allowed) and Brown (Do Not Drive!).Need : rn• Most drivers are unaware of the level of alcohol permitted by law for driving.rn• As a result, driving under the influence is unfortunately very common and leads to a ...
Key Products/Services: Reducing the amount of drunk drivers on the roads in Israel
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Xiamen Innov Information Technology Co.,LTD   -  China 
Company Introduction:                        Xiamen Innov Information Technology Co.,LTD Xiamen Innov is group company, there's an Innov Electronics Technology Co.,LTD locates in Xiamen city, we are specialist diversified leading manufacturing company, specialized in research, production and sales. Products include high-end flexible printed circuit board, IC package substrate, special electronic materials , RFID tag, readers, radio frequency antenna, power ...
Key Products/Services: Antenna inlay
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henan kefan mining machinery   -  China 
Company Introduction: Our company is a import and export trading company, the production of major products exported to India, southeast Asia, Africa and other regions.We manufacture products in line with the attitude of seeking truth from facts, everything on the basis of the requirements of customers, for customers to create high-quality, high level of product.Believe us, we will give you a different faith.
Key Products/Services: Ball mill ,energy-saving-ball-mill,Tube Ball Mill,Dry Ball Mill,Wet Ball Mill,Lime Ball Mill
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Yasheng Gifts (China) Co.,Ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction: We are manufacturers of woven badges, epaulettes and labels for more than 15years,rn We supply high quality woven products made to your own bespoke requirements.rnOur factory located at Dongguan China, area 5000SQM with more than 200 employees,rnOur Main Product included:rnMilitary/Policeman/Security Badges/Range EpaulettesrnSchool Badges.rnWe offer a quick efficient service at very competitive prices.rnFor further information you can email us, Pls kindly give us a ring, fill out o...
Key Products/Services: Military/Policeman/Security Badges/Range Epaulettes/school badges
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Argo Marge Trade Co., Ltd.   -  Malaysia 
Company Introduction: Argo mega trade Group Corp Ltd. is a state owned company revised from the former Tianjin trade. The Corp has eight stock companies such as Tianjin Aristocrat Wine Corp Ltd. and fourteen group member units such as Tianjin Wine Essence Factory, Tianjin Zhigu Wine Manufacturer, and Tianjin Jingu Wine Manufacturer. The Corp has total capital 6.7 billion-Ringgit, of which registered capital 97 million-Ringgit. With advanced equipment for wine technological research, production supervision and tremend...
Key Products/Services: seafood
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Company Introduction: SERT PLASTIK LTD is located in Istanbul Turkey. It was established in 1984. Sert Plastik has built up an effective marketing web not only through its domestic subsidiaries, but also in many countries around the world. Including biggest European markets. rnWe are one of the leading manufacturing companies for producing the folloing items:• Cable Trunking, wiring ducts and their accessories.rn• Wallpanels and accessories.rn• Curtain Rail and accessories.rn• Siding and accessories.Please fe...
Key Products/Services: Cable Trunking, wiring ducts and their accessories.
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Hebei United Industry Group   -  China 
Company Introduction:   Hebei United Industry Group is specialized in biological Chemicals, we produce Xanthan Gum, Poly Anionic Cellulose(PAC), and Carboxy methyl Cellulose(CMC), Guar Gum, Sodium Carboxymethyl starch (CMS-Na), and Hydropropyl Methyl Cellulose(HPMC) and etc.,    We have been engaged for producing our qualified products for more than10 years, All our products are managed under strict quality control managements system,produced by advanced technology.We are authorized certifica...
Key Products/Services: Xanthan gum
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Company Introduction: We are one of the leading company in Cameroon with annual Export capacity exceeding 70,000 m3 of timber,wood pellet,yellow corn,white kidney beans,red onion,alfalfa hay,white garlic,garlic butter,copper cathode,cocoa butter,frozen food,frozen chicken,coconut oil,coconut shell charcoal,fresh potato,Normal white and Pure White Garlic,Fresh Yellow Corn,cowpeas,Gum arabic,Chickpeas,peanut bold,peanut.Skype:
Key Products/Services: timber,wood pellet,yellow corn,white kidney beans,red onion,alfalfa hay,white garlic,garlic butter,copper cathode,cocoa butter,frozen food,frozen chicken,coconut oil,coconut shell charcoal,fresh potato,Normal white and Pure White Garlic,Fresh Yellow ...
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Innovative Process Solutions Pvt. Ltd.   -  India 
Company Introduction: Innovative Process Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a fully integrated company in Fluoro Polymer sector of Manufacturing of Lined Pipes,rnFittings and Valves. Apart from it we are manufacturer of Bellows, Dip Pipes, Virgin PTFE Tubes, Rods, Spacers, Bushes, and Sheetsrnetc.rnInnovative focusing on enhancement of Productivity, Profitability with the vision of High Quality Products with Global Standardsrnand Innovative Services across Domestic and International Markets with aggressive growth.rnInnovative Pro...
Key Products/Services: Teflon Lined Pipe, Fittings & Valves
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Company Introduction: SHENZHEN IPAKY ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY Co., LTD was established in 2005,is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in inventing, designing, producing, selling the communication accessories products .The main products include battery of mobile phone, direct charger, car charger, universal charger, seat charger, mobile power supply, phone sheath, mini mobile audio series
Key Products/Services: power bank,mobile charger
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A&S TIRE CO., LTD.   -  China 
Company Introduction: we are exporter in China,specializing in tires supply.we can offer a wide range of tires,such as OTR tires,sand tires mining tires ,forklift tires,loader tires and so could see the tires we have supplied in Australia,America and other countries around the world.
Key Products/Services: otr tires,mining tires,sand tires,dump truck tires,skip steer loader tires,forklift tires,wheel loader tires,heavy duty truck tires.
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Company Introduction: We supply: cotton seeds, raw cotton, soybeans, sheanuts etc...
Key Products/Services: cotton seeds
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none   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: none
Key Products/Services: none
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A&S Tire Co., Ltd.   -  China 
Company Introduction: A&S Tire Co.,LTD is a leading tire exporter and supplier based in Chengdu, China. Building on more than 7 years of experience, A&S Tire Co.,LTD is dedicated to providing a complete line of tires with the best technology, service and value available.rnWe mainly offer the following types of tires: rnTruck tires, Mining Truck tires, Dump Truck tires, Heavy Duty Truck tires, Construction Truck tires, Skid Steer tires, Wheel Loader tires, Skid Steer Loader Tires, Forklift tires, Tractor tires, Excava...
Key Products/Services: Truck tires, Mining Truck tires, Dump Truck tires, Heavy Duty Truck tires, Construction Truck tires, Skid Steer tires, Wheel Loader tires, Skid Steer Loader Tires, Forklift tires, Tractor tires, Excavator tires, Mud tire, Sand tires
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Allied Health Sciences Pvt. Ltd.   -  India 
Company Introduction: The Medical devices & equipment industry is quite wide with > 14,000 different products types, as per the Global Medical Device Nomenclature (GMDN).The biggest challenge for the Indian Health sector is the reach and infrastructure available for the common people.In the past, the sector has significantly brought down the incidence of disease among patients, families, society as well as improved the country’s health system, significantly. rn Allied Healthsciences Pvt Ltd has aligned itself for ...
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