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Yu Yuan Industrial Co., Ltd.   -  Taiwan 
Company Introduction: We are a professional auto water pump manufacturer for several Japanese companies and able to meet their high standards with our unsurpassed quality. We bring CAD/CAM mold casting into production. Our products are assembled with reliable components from Japan, such as oil seal of NOK, sealant of NSO and bearing of NSK etc. We also do OEM for Japanese companies. Over the past ten years, we have successfully developed various water pumps. Our customers are around the world: Japan, China, Malaysia,...
Key Products/Services: water pump, manifolds, truck and bus brake switches
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Riken Electric Co., Ltd.   -  Taiwan 
Company Introduction: "Riken Electric Co. Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of protection and controlling equipments for electrical application and electricity systems in Taiwan. rnRiken was established in 1950. In the past 6 decades, we devoted ourselves to manufacturing high-quality products to the local and international markets. Riken is an ISO-9001:2000 Quality Management System approved company and the products are also approved by UL, CSA, VDE CNS and CE.rnWe believe in the business concept of ""Particip...
Key Products/Services: Magnetic Contactor, Thermal Overload Relays, AC Magnetic Starter
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Kuantum Corp.   -  Taiwan 
Company Introduction: Kuantum Corp. was established in 2002 as a manufacturer of chemicals, mainly in surfactant. Our technology is built upon many years of research & chemical production experiences, having focused on sulfonation of aromatic hydrocarbons.
Key Products/Services: Xylene Sulfonic Acid, Cumene Sulfonic Acid, Toluene Sulfonic Acid,
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Jinwell Technology   -  Taiwan 
Company Introduction: Founded in 1986, Jinwell manufactures high power resistors and automotive LED lights. In order to build up the long relationship to Customer and opening our service to customers, we always bring the best service to reach Customer demands.
Key Products/Services: High Power Resistors, Automotive Led Lights
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Kao Kuen Industrial Co., LTD   -  Taiwan 
Company Introduction: Kao Kuen Industrial Co., a professional manufacturer of core shooting machine and shell molding machines, has accumulated a solid knowledge and experience in making most effective, economic and durable machines for more than 30 years.
Key Products/Services: core shooting machine, shell molding machines
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Ever Power Motor Inc.   -  Taiwan 
Company Introduction: Founded in 1979, EP is a manufacturer of liner kit, piston, piston ring, cylinder liner and sleeve, pin bushing in Taiwan. EP's high quality products and matured management status has been in both the global and domestic market for years.
Key Products/Services: liner kit, piston, piston ring, cylinder liner, sleeve, pin bushing
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Company Introduction: For those who are interested in making money, every good thing comes with money, comes with extra effort
Key Products/Services: Bring Back Lost Love spells caster World Wide +27734818506 in US,Canada,Mexico ,Guyana Uk,France,Germany,Switzerland
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Chii Jann Enterprise Co., Ltd.   -  Taiwan 
Company Introduction: With 30 years experience in roaster machinery, Chii Jann Enterprise Co., Ltd. provides a total solution for your demand on roasters, grill equipment and frying machines, as Roaster, Electricity Roaster, Fryer, warm keeping oven, Riceburg Grilling Machine, Electricity Sausage Grilling Machine, Savory Electronic igntion Frying Pan, Savory semiautomatic ignition frying pan, Hamburger Machine.
Key Products/Services: Gas Roaster, Fryer, warm keeping oven, Hamburger Machine, Electricity Roaster
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Hainan Shen Craft Trading Co.,Ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction: Hainan Shen Craft Trading Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise specialized in selling and acting for various office furniture and equipment; medical furniture and hospital beds. Its products cover office furniture, modern furniture, classical mahogany furniture, European furniture, root carving crafts, Hotel furniture, etc. Whether in terms of design style, product quality or product style, our goal has always been to adhere to high standards. We uphold the concept of "professional, innovative, hon...
Key Products/Services: office furniture
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MtoZ Biolabs   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: MtoZ Biolabs is an international contract research organization (CRO) providing advanced proteomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics, and biopharmaceutical analysis services to researchers in biochemistry, biotechnology, and biopharmaceutical fields. It is specialized in quantitative multiplexed proteomics and metabolomics applications through the establishment of state-of-the-art mass spectrometry platforms, coupled with high-performance liquid chromatography technology.
Key Products/Services: Protein Analysis, Protein Sequencing, Quantitative Proteomics, PTMs Identification, Untargeted Metabolomics, targeted Metabolomics, Biopharmaceuticals Anlysis
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international documentation   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: We are a unique manufacturer of high-quality registered citizenship documents with the best machines and holograms that duplicate as database database driver's license, passports, biometric passports, residence permit, social security number SSN, birth and marriage certificates, stamps, school diplomas, IELTS and TOEFL, ESOL, Visa, Business , Students and tourists and other products for a number of countries such as USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Spain, Czech Republic, P...
Key Products/Services: Fake money
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blacknetsales   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: is a legit and reputable online pharmacy located in Atlanta Georgia USA specialized in the sensitization and supply of some important prescription drugs to the general public, This company which has worked for about 6 years today has a lot of experience in dealing with cases relating to drug addiction, Xanax addiction, crystal methamphetamine addiction, codeine addiction, Adderall addiction, molly addiction, side effects of hard drugs like cocaine, Blacknetsales provides hand ...
Key Products/Services: cocaine, adderall, methamphetamine, LSD, oxycontin, MDMA,
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mohamed consulting agency   -  Qatar 
Company Introduction: My name is Mr.Mohamed Hazel Director of mohamed consulting agency firm in QatarrnI am working as an accredited commission agent for Ministry ofrnEndowments and Islamic Affairs, Doha, Qatar,and I am looking forrnsupplier whose products is of good quality as your products are amongrnthe need items which will be purchase in a large quantities.
Key Products/Services: rice
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PPHU Arlena Marlena Gajda   -  Poland 
Company Introduction: We have a company where making a decoration clothes. We working with all kind type hotfix. We have many cams machine. I would like cooperations with you.rnrnWe have company in Poland in Lodz.
Key Products/Services: Rhinestones, hotfix tape, vinyl foil , embroidery thread, sequins
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Company Introduction: Founded in 1997, Aviram F. Industries is a manufacturing and Trade companyrnsourcing services and products from developing countries to be exported to thernUS, Europe, Canada and Australia.rnour core businesses includes manufacturers sourcing, OEM manufacturing, Projectrnmanagement, ImportExport, Shipping & Forwarding, Custom brokerage, andrnconsulting.rnAviram.F Industries is a premium Supplier with added value in followingrncategories: Metal Technologies /// Plastic & Rubber Technologies ///rn...
Key Products/Services: Metal Technologies /// Plastic & Rubber Technologies ///
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Jinhua Shuanghuan Brazing Alloys Co., LTD>   -  China 
Company Introduction: We are Chinese enterprise established in 2001, act as the leadership of the market in the brazing of silver and copper-phosphor alloys, professional in offering the most suitable solutions to our client needs. Our brazing materials are in shape of welding rods, welding wires, welding rings, flar wire, wire coiling, strips, etc, be widely used in refrigeration, home appliances, machinery, electrical machines, new energy, electrical products, and so on. We had won the trust of front-lin...
Key Products/Services: Phos-copper brazing alloy, phos-copper -silver brazing alloy, brass brazing alloy, welding rods, welding wire,welding rings
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Xuzhou Fenghe Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.   -  China 
Company Introduction: Xuzhou Fenghe Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. lies at the largest mechanical center in China, where the famous XCMG is located. Our company has been engaged in producing and designing slewing bearings and slewing drives for the past 30 years. It covers an area of 38016 square meters, among which, the modernized construction area of production plant is nearly 20000 square meters, and forging workshop is nearly 10000 square meters.rnThe company specializes in six types slewing bearings, including...
Key Products/Services: Slewing bearing, excavator slewing ring, crane bearings, slewing ring, swing bearings, turntable swing bearings; OEM ODM one-stop-service for your demands.
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Jindal Worldwide Ltd   -  India 
Company Introduction: Directors are in the textile field since 1956 and textile manufacturing since 1976. rnJindal family is having 3000 + working individualrn2017-18 Company turnover was over 1800 crore (in spite of GST and demonetization)rnCompound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17.5 % over the last 5 year in sales.rnIt is listed in BSE / ASE / NSC and a current market capitalization of more than 2000 crore.
Key Products/Services: Home Products
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Chongqing Lanren Aluminium Co., Ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction: Chongqing Lanren Aluminium Co., Ltd. is a professional aluminium products manufacturer in Chongqing China. It's main products is aluminium circle/sheet/coils/strips/ Aluminium Composite Panel ect. Welcome to send your inquiry to email: kevin_ho629(at)
Key Products/Services: aluminium circle/sheet/coils/strips/ Aluminium Composite Panel ect.
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kps otomotiv   -  Turkey 
Company Introduction: we have got plastic and rubber gasget
Key Products/Services: plastik rubber gasget
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