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Stanford Advanced Materials   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a global supplier of a series of pure metals, alloys, ceramics and minerals such as oxides, chlorides, sulfides, oxysalts, etc. Our headquarters was established in 1994 in Lake Forest, California, USA to provide high-quality rare-earth products for research and development (R&D) purposes.
Key Products/Services: pure metals, rare earth materials, sputtering targets, alloys, ceramics, etc.
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Hajare International   -  India 
Company Introduction: We “Hajare International” is a Sole Proprietorship based firm established in the year 2018, engaged as the foremost Wholesaler of Hand Gloves, Cotton Gloves, etc. Our products are high in demand due to their premium quality, seamless finish, different patterns and affordable prices. Furthermore, we ensure to timely deliver these products to our clients, through this we have gained a huge clients base in the market
Key Products/Services: Personal Protective Equipment, safety hand glove, safety shoes, etc
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sahaya metals   -  India 
Company Introduction: we are looking for geniune coustomers for scrap dellers
Key Products/Services: copper
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Meytek GROUP   -  Turkey 
Company Introduction: Established in 1995, this foundation, being one of the area’s leaders, is celebrating the 15th anniversary...rnrn15 years ago (in 1995) Meytek Group was set off in a 33m2-wide work-shop, and nowadays proceeds with heating, refrigerating, air conditioning, mechanical installation and food storage works locally and abroad, employing about 100 people in a 12.000m2- factory with the excitement of the first-day, satisfying at the right time the variable necessities by producing the dynamic solution...
Key Products/Services: Cold Room , Cold Room Doors , Cold Room Equipments , Sandwich Panels, Air Conditions , Sun Power Sytems.
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Legit Chem Online Shop   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: Hey ,we are legal suppliers of Bath salts,Research chemicals,quality Actavis at very affordable prices.All got in stock pain pills as well as other prescription drugs like LSD,COKE,MDMA and many more.Delivery is 100% secured and guaranteed. We do offer great price discounts for bulk orders as well as second time buyers.Customers satisfactions our priority. Call/Text our hotline at ....(760) 938-0206
Key Products/Services: Apvp,Aphp,Mdpv,Jwh,Actavis,MDMA
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chemicals-suppliers   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: Buy high quality of 2CI, 2CP,2CE ,2CB,Mephedrone Ketamine Heroine cocaine ,5-Meo-DMT 4-Aco-DMT 4-Ho-MIPT Mdma and BK mdma crystals and powder methylone for sale (330) 362-1075 and Skype ID::: Gardensupplier contact : Email: and website
Key Products/Services: 2CI, 2CP,2CE ,2CB,Mephedrone Ketamine Heroine cocaine ,5-Meo-DMT 4-Aco-DMT
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Myriad International Trading Company   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: We are traders in plastic and metal scrap
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rossplc   -  Cameroon 
Key Products/Services: CHEMICALS
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kim plc   -  Germany 
Company Introduction: Cow /Ox Gallstones for sale for wholestone / brokenstone ratio is 80% /
Key Products/Services: Gallstones
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Company Introduction: Our company manufactures industrial heating boilers which can work with different fuel types, and which can produce heat through gas fuels (natural gas, LNG, LPG etc.), liquid fuels (diesel oil, light oil, heavy oil etc.) and solid fuels (coal, pellet, prina, hazelnut shell, etc.), and which can suply your high pressure and heating requirements in very different capacities, and which can operate with fluids such as steam, hot water, superheated water and thermal oil according to heat capacity, h...
Key Products/Services: Steam boiler,steam generator,hot water boiler,thermal oil boiler,
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SANAI JAYA GLAZE PT   -  Indonesia 
Company Introduction: Supplier of Chemicals.
Key Products/Services: chemicals
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Company Introduction: HSIEH YUAN TECHNOLOGY VIET NAM Co.,Ltd(VHS) was established in 2005 as a subsidiary company from HSIEH YUAN group established in 1972in Taiwan. We specialize in surface treatment including: electroplating as: Zinc(Cr+3), Nickel-Chromium, Hard Chromium, Nickel-Zinc alloy plating and polishing raw products made of Steel. Our range of products are mostly served auto-mobile, motocycle and electronic manufacturing industries, and some for household production or construction…rnBy using chemicals f...
Key Products/Services: We specialize in surface treatment including: electroplating as: Zinc(Cr+3), Nickel-Chromium, Hard Chromium, Nickel-Zinc alloy plating and polishing raw products made of Steel. Our range of products are mostly served auto-mobile, motocycle and elect...
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LINDER GmbH   -  Germany 
Company Introduction: LINDER GmbH from Germany is one of the world's leading strapping manufacturers and the only manufacturer worldwide producing all types of plastic strap - that is: extruded PP and PET strap as well as polyester textile strap in woven, hot melt, and composite strap.rnrnOur demand of PET flakes is ~10,000 tons p.a., and recycled PP granules MFI ~3 is around 3,000 tons p.a.
Key Products/Services: Strapping
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Cobra tech co.,ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction: Cobra Tech Co.,ltdrnWe are source tagging suppliers in China. rnMany products need to be affixed with anti-theft tags before entering supermarkets/chain stores. We are a supplier of anti-theft tags. If you need a security tag, please contact us.rnSource tagging is the application of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) labels into products or packaging during the manufacturing or packaging process. with the world's largest and most comprehensive programs. Products cover all categories, from har...
Key Products/Services: security tag remover, electronic article surveillance, checkpoint systems,security tag,retial security,nedap,rfid,cctv,eas system,warensicherung,antitaccheggio, sensor tag,security labels,sensormatik,eas tag
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yu long ke tai   -  China 
Company Introduction: we need to buy medical products, eg, terumo cook ethicon covidien
Key Products/Services: medical products
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Ueephone Co., Ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction: refurbished phone
Key Products/Services: refurbished phone
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KamerVeg   -  Cameroon 
Company Introduction: KamerVeg is an agricultural company with over 800 workers and we are a farmers and exporters of the the varios products; Fruits and vegetables, cocoa and beans grains, frozen meats pork , chicken and cow; sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, corn, soybeans seeds and many more....
Key Products/Services: Cocao, coffee, soybeans, frozen meat, corn, vegetables, fruits, sesame seeds,
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Zhucheng Power Machinery Factory   -  China 
Company Introduction: Zhucheng Power Machinery Factory was founded in 1998. Our factory has an excellent engineering and technical personnel and a high-quality staff team. It has formed a series of fully automatic high-efficiency high-pressure conditioning sterilization pots, mezzanine pots, gas-fired woks and cooking pots. Series, environmentally friendly energy-saving oil-water separation fryer series, imitation hand-dumpling machine series, high-efficiency garlic peeling machine series and other food machinery.
Key Products/Services: Sterilization pot
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Sunland Industrial Co.,Ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction: We are engaged to provide good and low-cost stainless steel kitchenware, Utensil, Garget supplier. included: Whisks Skimmers Tongs and other relevant gadgets for food preparation and serving. rnMore than 10 years of a professional marketing team and products team assist you during your purchasing working out. rnGood relationship and competitive product always bring us good selling on our productsrnWelcome to visit our website: or get back directly to
Key Products/Services: Stainless kitchen aid tool
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Family Meds Suppliers   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: We are best reliable , legit and suppliers of Anesket 1000mg/10ml & Nembutal ( medical marijuana , anabolic steroids , pain killers ,sleeping pills , anxiety, nerve pills & research chemical world wide.
Key Products/Services: VALIUM, ADDERRALL, OXYCONTIN, ROXY, PERCOCERT, HYDRO - PERCOCERT, HYDRO - Herion - Ketamine Vials and Powder - Dilaudid 8mg - OXYCOTIN 80MG, 20MG, 40MG - Ambien’s - Pseudoephedrine - viagra - RITALIN - Duromine - Benzos - fentanyl - Vicodin - EPHED...
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