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Blue Carbon Technology Inc   -  China 
Company Introduction: Blue Carbon Technology Inc. designs, manufactures and markets of solar module products for residential, commercial and industrial application worldwide. Blue Carbon Technology Inc. product line consists superior portable solar charger, solar water pump, solar air conditioner and utility on-grid system. We put customer's needs first, and we are devoted to progress, innovation and ethical choices. Solar energy is about empowerment, and that is something we take very seriously. Blue Carbon Technol...
Key Products/Services: solar panel, solar product, solar power system
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sanchez inc   -  Spain 
Company Introduction: i am mr sanchez martinez , my company company is into contract supply, real estate, construction and infrastructures, any company that are interested sould send us mail so we can start business as soon as we can ok thanks.
Key Products/Services: cars, wears, hotels, others
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Paperstork Box Sdn. BhD   -  Malaysia 
Company Introduction: Paperstork Box Sdn. Bhd Malaysia is a Wholesale Manufacturer & Wholesale Supplier of Packaging & office Paper, Office Supplies. Paperstork Box Sdn. Bhd from Malaysia was established in 2001. This company is being marketed by: Mr Lee Mark Most popular Wholesale Products from Paperstork Box Sdn. Bhd : DOUBLE A4 PAPER, XEROX PAPER, A4 PAPER, IK PLUS PAPER. Company Basic information: Company name: Paperstork Box Sdn. Bh Supplier name: Paperstork Box Sdn. Bhd . Year Established: 2001. Cou...
Key Products/Services: office paper
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Company Introduction: Ziming Plastic Hardware Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-funded enterprise and its production plant is in Shenzhen City, China. We have our own land and factory buildings, engaged in professional plastic molding design and development, as well as consumer electronics product design development and production, In addition, we also have a large number of production lines of plastics processing, surface coating and screen printing / hot stamping, parts assembly. Currently, our main focus products are various ...
Key Products/Services: DVR
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General Electronics Battery Co., Ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction: General Electronics Battery Co., Ltd. (GEB) is a Sino-American joint-venture company, located at Xin'er Hong Xiang Industrial Park No. 20, Shajing Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province of P. R. China. GEB integrates the R&D, manufacture and sales of Polymer Li-ion Batteries and manages to be a highly professional manufacturer of Polymer Li-ion Battery cells and packs in the Greater China Region. GEB is proud of making successful deliveries to the world's leaders of consumer ele...
Key Products/Services: battery
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Key Products/Services: MENSWEAR CLOTHING
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Celinius   -  Taiwan 
Company Introduction: Out company is in Taipei, Taiwan. We work with factories in Taiwan that manufacturer plastic, molds, metal, aluminium and electronics. We have costumers in Europe and in Israel. Our advantage is reliable service to the costumer, quality products and competitive prices!
Key Products/Services: Plastic, electronics, metal and aluminium.
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E-time Trade HK Co.,Limited   -  China 
Company Introduction: E-time Trade HK Co.,Limited as a professional supplier and manufacturer for Game accessories,E-time is dedicated to offer products & excellent service at competitive price. We provide service as below:   One-stop purchasing: With our own factory and other 20+ partner factories, hundreds of items will be provided, which selected by E-time professionals who know the quality you expect in the products. Quality Control: We focus on quality control, our own factory and partn...
Key Products/Services: OEM MID
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GAASH CUSTOMS   -  Israel 
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ofirs   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: bla bla bla
Key Products/Services: clothes
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Hylabs-Nature   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Pharmaceutical company seeking for distributors. Our products are created by a team of prominent Herbalists, who specialize in the medicinal use of plants. Dr. Z’s Herbalists have discovered effective treatments made from natural ingredients proven to help acute conditions.
Key Products/Services: Flexi-Gel
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Shenzhen Cidly Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction: Our main products: led grow light, led lighting, led light, led tubes, led fluorescent light, led t8 tube, led tube lights, led panel light, led ceiling light, led strips, led flexible strips, led light strip, led pendant light, led spotlights, led ribbon, led light tube, led light bulbs, led bar, led fluorescent tube, led banner, led bulb, high power led light, high power led bulb, led downlight, led products, led fluorescent lamp, led grille lights, led mirror front light, led display case lig...
Key Products/Services: Led grow light,led lamp/light,led commercial light,led strip light,led spotlight,led wall washer,led bulb,led bars/ribbon light,led flood light,led down light,led ceiling light,led traffic light,led traffic signal light
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small scale gold miner groups   -  Ghana 
Company Introduction: We are small scale gold miner groups in Ghana, we have accumulated our products for a period of time and now wish to sell to enable us develop our mining sites. We wish to inquire from you to if you are interested in buying the above-mentioned commodities from us. Therefore we seize this opportunity to forward our current corporate offer for your perusal. Commodities: gold dust and bars quantity 100kgs Quality: Purity of our Gold Dust 97% / 22+Carats.
Key Products/Services: Gold dust and bars
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Jiyang Industrial Company LTD.   -  China 
Company Introduction: We are Jiyang Industrial Co. of Hong Kong, with bases in Mainland China- Zhejiang area, Germany and Israel. Have been in the area of export for many years as well as manufacture of sporting products. We use our professional knowledge in manufacture to provide QC services around China as well as our knowledge as exporters to help clients do business with China suppliers as well as mediating negotiation between clients and suppliers.
Key Products/Services: Export, QC, Negotiation, Supplier search, Manufacture (Sporting goods, knitted goods)
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sinosun group   -  China 
Company Introduction: SINOSUN Group has been dedicated in producing Crushing and Mining Equipment for years. SIONSUN Group is engineered in processing different mining material . As a comprehensive group, our scope covers : mineral analysis, mineral consultation service ,mineral exploration ,mineral process design and so on. We deliver the complete solutions and effect turnkey installations. We offer the whole stone crushers & screens, it can be stationary or mobile. Our Ideal is turning your resource into weal...
Key Products/Services: crusher,Crushing plant,crusher machine,jaw crusher,cone crusher, impact crusher,stone crusher,mobile crusher.
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Jigger   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Our Company is looking for resellers and distributors around the world; The Company manufactures and markets the revolutionary Jigger lighters. The company has a registered international patent for its Jigger Lighters And has exclusive rights to produce tionary Product. and market this revolu The Jigger Lighter meets the highest International security measures and is Approved by the European Standard Institute
Key Products/Services: Jigger USB Lghter
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locker 29   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: A CLOTHES STORE FOR BRANDS
Key Products/Services: CLOTHES
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ITS dental   -  China 
Company Introduction: ITS Dental is a privately held company with over 30 years of dental equipment experience. We have satisfied agents, resellers and dentists in over 50 countries and areas worldwide for our OEM dental products. We are recognized for our unparalleled commitment to excellence and integrity while offering exceptional product, service and value. Our manufacturing is performed in our 3,000 square meter factory in the international city Guangzhou. With our highest standard of quality control, which r...
Key Products/Services: dental handpiece,dental products,dental equipment,dental parts,high speed handpiece,low speed handpiece, kavo dental,NSK dental, fibre optic handpieces,LED. Light Curing Units ,Fibre Optic Handpieces, Dental OEM, handpiece with led light dental ha...
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ice leko   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: what ever you need to find in israel, we can find for you in all of categories.
Key Products/Services: every thing in all of categories
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mmchemist ltd   -  Cameroon 
Company Introduction: Mephedrone,jwh,ketamine,2ci.lsd,mdpv,buthylone,kcn potassium cyanide. Alcohol Amanita Amphetamine Antidepressants Antipsychotics Ayahuasca Benzodazepines Cannabinoids Buprenorphine Cannabis Coca Cocaine Codeine Crack Deleriants Dissociatives DMT Downers DXM Ecstasy Ethnobotanicals Fentanyl GHB Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Herbal Ecstasy Heroin Hydrocodone Hydromorphone Kava-Kava Ketamine Kratom LSA LSD Magic Mushrooms Methadone Me...
Key Products/Services: mephendrone
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