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Czech-Israeli Chamber of Commerce   -  Czech Republic 
Company Introduction: Czech-Israeli Chamber of Commerce provide services to be found on
Key Products/Services: business connection
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JKeXport   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: export/import to/from Israel
Key Products/Services: export/import to/from Israel
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Arizona   -  Portugal 
Company Introduction: Whatch our site please.
Key Products/Services: services.
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Company Introduction: A Core Geospatial Information Services and Customized solutions company
Key Products/Services: GIS Services
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Guinea Pigs   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Musicians
Key Products/Services: Music
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rr3333   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: werqwrwerwrw
Key Products/Services: werwer
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T.P.I. Ltd   -  Hungary 
Company Introduction: T.P.I. Ltd. is mainly a trading company which transmitts goods, products, information, and connections between Europe and Israel. We import and export goods from and to different countries in Europe but we are also proud of the information flow that we are able to manage between the markets where we are present at. We are always open to find a gap in the market and see what can be needed in the exact area. It can be a baby toy or a light and secure panel or floor for a new factory. We are organi...
Key Products/Services: bio power energy drink, organic snacks, energy from any garbage or/and wastewater, sapphire solar panel and LED chips
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Business Compass, s.r.o.   -  Czech Republic 
Company Introduction: Our company specialize in hand made personalized crystal glass products. Let masters create your hand in crystal.
Key Products/Services: Crystal glass imprints.
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Zhejiang Innuovo Magnetics Co., Ltd.   -  China 
Company Introduction: Zhejiang Innuovo Magnetics Co., Ltd., as a member of Hengdian Group, was founded in 1986. It is a leading manufacturer who specializes in researching, developing and producing magnetic materials. We produce Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets, permanent ferrite mangnets, Alico magnets, Smco magnets and rubber & plastic magnets, epically in sintered and bonded NdFeB. Annual output of NdFeB had reached 4500 tons in 2004. Currently Zhejiang Innuovo owns four sintered NdFeB production line with a produ...
Key Products/Services: Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets
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Yancheng Huakang Electric Insulation Material Factory   -  China 
Company Introduction: We are professional manufacturer of ceramic and MgO tube and spacers in Jiangsu,China. For the experience,we have 18 years, we can produce all kinds of ceramic and MgO tube according to the requirements of our customers. The mininum OD we can made can be 1.2mm. Our main products are MgO tube,magnesium oxide tube,magnesia oxide rod,MgO rod,ceramic tube,porcelain insulator,ceramic rod,Mgo spacer,MgO insulator,porcelain tube,insulation tube,insulation materials,heating elements All our pr...
Key Products/Services: MgO tube,magnesium oxide tube,magnesia oxide rod,mgo spacer,mgo insulator,ceramic tube, ceramic spacer,porcelain tube,porcelain pipe,porcelain insulator,heating elements,insulation tube,insulator
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Palram Industries   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: PALRAM, founded over 40 years ago, is a leading multinational manufacturer of semi-finished extruded thermoplastic sheets and a wide rangeof finished products. PALRAM thermoplastic sheets are designed to suit a diverse range of applications in the advertising, agricultural, construction, DIY, glazing, and fabrication markets. Worldwide sales totaled $250 million in 2007. In 1998, PALRAM established a strategic partnership with Bayer AG, which holds a 25% share ownership in the PALRAM subsi...
Key Products/Services: Plastic sheets production and Solutions
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Moringa Group SA   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: I want to offer rice straight from Vietnam and India, Very attractive prices. Without gaps Realty. I am representing a factory in Vietnam called \"Vietnam white rice\". You I t is possible to get Broken rice, from 5% broken rice to 70% broken rice. In addition, we also have Quality rice, from 5% broken rice to 15% broken rice. We have Basmati rice and Farabol rice from India. Types of bags of rice: [We have bags of 5 / 10 / 25 / 50 begs pp kg]. We can also send bulk container, it\'s reduce...
Key Products/Services: Rice, Broken Rice, Basmati Rice
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FlowersWin   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: Our company is looking to import flowers from all over the world and sell it all around the east coast of US
Key Products/Services: Flowers
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Elarco International Ltd.   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: We specialize in sourcing DIY,Home Improvement and Housewares products for buyers in Europe, Japan, Australia and Eastern Europe. We offer you: * 10 days shipping time port to port ( Europe) * Quality control, pre-shipment checking. * Cost monitoring, we know what others pay. * Reliable suppliers - we preselect. * Timely delivery - we track schedules. * Personal service in English. * Simplified ordering and tracking. * Complete transparency in buying. We have ...
Key Products/Services: Sourcing DIY, Home Improvement, Housewares products for overseas buyers
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Grofit Plastics   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Located in the south of the country (45 km. North of Eilat); Founded in 1988. Ownership: Kibbutz Grofit (100%). Number of employees: 40; Annual turnover: (2009) NIS 18 million with Export being Approx. 56% of sales. We offer a full range of anti corrosion VCI (vapor-corrosion-inhibitors) flexible packaging solutions including: VCI bags, VCI zipper and slider bags, VCI film, VCI tube film, VCI stretch film, VCI gusset bags and covers. Zippers and Point of Sale Zipper bags - A wide range of h...
Key Products/Services: VCI-2000™; Pasgor™; Bio-Fresh™; Grid Shield™
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iFund Solutions   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: I can provide private debt financing for Green Energy projects in most countries friendly towards the USA. Other projects having a humanitarian benefit such as affordable housing, improved access to healthcare, employment and/or educational opportunities, etc. will be considered. PPA's, Purchase Price Agreements can qualify for contract financing when the purchaser of electricity or biofuels is a municipality or corporation with a BBB or better bond rating on the S&P, Moody's, or similar rati...
Key Products/Services: Private debt, PPA, Green/Renewable Energy, Bio-tech/High-tech financing
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Girosys   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: we are distributors of consumers electronics and mobile accessories
Key Products/Services: BT accessories, BC and MC accessories, distributor, consumers electronics
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Company Introduction: A well known OEM parts manufacturer for massively Automotive and specifically Truck and Bus Parts. BesideS aftermarket spare parts such as Track Control Arms for cars are being produced.
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Lucky International Sourcing   -  Egypt 
Company Introduction: Present Activities a. Buyer Representative b. Factory Sourcing in Egypt c. Garment Stock Lot Broker d. Garment Accessories Supplier e. Fabric Supplier
Key Products/Services: Fabric and Accessories Supplier, Sourcing, Garment Stock Lot Broker, Buyer Representative
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wisam trade   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: i lookink for buyers in gordan and w.b i can supply every product from israel
Key Products/Services: sugar , flour, drinks , cook oil , engine oil....
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