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Heilongjiang Provincial Hongri Trading Co., Ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction: Heilongjiang Provincial Hongri Trading Co., Ltd., located at Harbin city of Heilongjiang province, China, is mainly engaged in the international trade. We export the Chinese high quality products (according to international standards) as belows. Herb extract Biologicals chemicals & amino acid Berry & fruit juice concentrate IQF fruit, berry & vegetable FD fruit, berry & vegetable Metal detector (X-Ray Baggage Inspection Machine) Automobile parts (Shock absorber, Clutch) Others ( Mine...
Key Products/Services: berry juice concentrate
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VA Forwarding   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: V.A. FORWARDING LTD., has been providing NVOCC and Marine consolidation services, as well airfreight consolidation for the Fright Forwarding community in Israel, as well as world-wide forwarding agents, for more than 15 years. During that time, V.A. FORWARDING LTD has accumulated an unparalleled depth of knowledge, experience and quality skills for the benefit of our customers. Quality, concern and care, are our paramount criteria when serving our valued customers. We are also committed ...
Key Products/Services: NVOCC and Marine consolidation services, as well airfreight consolidation for the fright forwarding community in Israel
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ENPROX   -  Poland 
Company Introduction: VARNISHES: Professional Paints & Coatings for Automotive, Industrial, Marine & Decorative use KNOW-HOW: Support & Technological Consultancy in Development, Sale of Ready Paints Solutions MACHINERY: Supply of full Production Plants Manufacturing & Laboratory Equipment for Factories INVESTMENT: Paints & Coatings Factory as a very profitable Business based on Modern Technologies
Key Products/Services: Paints, Coatings, Know-How, Mixing System
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Fujian Dehua YuanChi Crafts Co., Ltd.   -  China 
Company Introduction:
Key Products/Services: ceramic
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Company Introduction: We are distributing company and We supplies A4 Copier Paper 80gsm/75gsm/70gsm
Key Products/Services: A4_PAPER
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Shanghai Minggong Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction: Shanghai Minggong Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd (Shanghai Daming factory) is specialized in making large and medium-sized series of mining machinery, metallurgical machinery and equipments for construction materials. It is a joint-stock enterprise combined with R & D, production and marketing. In accordance with city construction, in 2005 the company built a new factory coving 18000SQM at Malu High-tech Park of Jiading District Shanghai. Total assets 15 Million and Employees are more than 400. It has...
Key Products/Services: crusher
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Ste Chukky Associate Sarl   -  Benin 
Company Introduction: Ste Chukky Associates Sarl Cotonou, Republi cOf Benin are established company under chamber of commerce and industry. We are the leading importer of the following products eg apples, grapes,garlics,Biscuits, drinks, frozen fish, frozen chicken and meats. So let serious companies contact directly for business activities.
Key Products/Services: apples, Grapes, garlics frozen fishes, chicken and meats.
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Company Introduction: We are real, legit and registered company under the united kingdom government...
Key Products/Services: Bicycle
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Globca ltd   -  United States Minor Outlying Islands 
Company Introduction: We look forward in placing your Order with Us and giving you the most competent services as we are Using this Medium to Look For Buyers Of Various Electronics Product we Stock.
Key Products/Services: Piano, drum set, keyboard, sax
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Qingdao Jinxinquan Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction:
Key Products/Services: plastic strap machine
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shenyang yameiya decorative materials   -  China 
Company Introduction: ShenYang YAMEIYA decorative material Co., LTD. is a design, sales, installation and consulting service to a body comprehensive enterprise. Is a professional new light body elastic adornment material suppliers, is the plastic floor the ADC northeast three provinces exclusive agents and distributors, simultaneously or manufacturers world top sheet brand Korea the ground of the dealers. American ADC main product includes: The ADC plastic floor have four series,TianJiao1,TianJiao2,TianJiao3 and Tian...
Key Products/Services: pvc materials
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Company Introduction: We are a fast growing company with few fields of activity.Our main activity is International trade and Real Estate Market. In the trade we are specialize in agriculture products and jewlery goods. Also we have a good connections with Russia and former Soviet Union republic mainly - Ukraine. We are looking for a relible and serious partners all over the world in the fields we are remind above. With Respect
Key Products/Services: Flowers, Potato, all kind of wegetables.
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Gomex Group   -  Kenya 
Company Introduction: 1. Product:AU Metal (Gold Dust and Bars) 2. Origin:Democratic Republic of Congo 3. Type:Alluvial 4. Purity:94% 5. Carats:22+ 6. Quantity:550 kg 6. PRICE: $23,000 per kg Dust and $ 25,000 per Kg for nuggets(FOB)
Key Products/Services: Gold dust and Gold nuggets
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s.t.s 5 stars products ltd   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: The company specializes in the import, marketing and distribution of alcoholic beverages such as: Whisky Vodka Wine Beer Ready to drink The company has over 700 points of sale
Key Products/Services: importer
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Ameriflex   -  Turkey 
Company Introduction: Israeli company in turkey .
Key Products/Services: Import / Export From Turkey
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shanghai xinyu solutions ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction: shanghai xinyu solutions ltd,shanghai xinyu solutions ltd,shanghai xinyu solutions ltd,shanghai xinyu solutions ltd,shanghai xinyu solutions ltd
Key Products/Services: it
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Kirubel Belayneh Import Trading   -  Ethiopia 
Company Introduction: Our Company is currently doing import and export businesses in Ethiopia East Africa. The Company is managed by the owner Kirubel Belayneh since 2004.
Key Products/Services: Ethiopian Natural Honey and Beeswax
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Stand Alone LTD   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Salvatos are patented folding flip flops, packed in a small matching case any woman can fit in her purse and forget about until her feet start getting sore. After a long day at the office or a great night at the city, your customer would be able to relax with the comfortable & flat Salvatos and continue enjoying without having to ask anyone for a piggy backā€¦ Stand-Alone is the sole producer of the Salvatos, and is currently looking for distributors in different countries in order to sprea...
Key Products/Services: Salvatos - folding flip flops for woman who love stilettos
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yamit   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: sell mems brand clothing
Key Products/Services: men clothing
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Masik   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Masik products are made from pure oils derived from cold pressing Top quality essential oils that care skin (Anti Ageing), strengthening and disinfecting the skin Natural cosmetics only . our products is Uniques with the fact that our products are 100% natural, and not contain water! (most of the world\'s cosmetic products that contain between 60% and 80% water)
Key Products/Services: Cosmetics - Natural,Body Care,Facial Care,Fostering the Hair,Natural soaps,Vegetable oils,creams Therapeutic ,Mother and baby products,Natural products and oral hygiene
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