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Tens - Web Marketing   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: TENS’ internet marketing services include: search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay per click (PPC) management, conversion optimization, social media optimization, Web 2.0 programming, E-commerce design and management, online reputation management, SEO copywriting and various other supporting processes and sub-specialties.
Key Products/Services: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Adwords campaigns, Reputation manger/fixer
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Prince Joe & Parteners Ltd   -  Nigeria 
Company Introduction: I hereby introduce my company to you
Key Products/Services: Bicycle spare parts
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Company Introduction: SHANGHAI AWA MACHINERY CO.,LTD SHANGHAI AWA MACHINERY CO.,LTD specialized in moulds and products of casting&die casting, powder metallurgy, plastic injection. The previous factory focuses on making different moulds, along with our customs\' rapid development, we transformed our business style to produce products meanwhile. In the past years we provided lots of solutions and products to our worldwide clients according to our many years\' experience and technology in these areas. We will pro...
Key Products/Services: powder metallurgy,sintered metal parts;sand casting,gravity casting,permanent mold casting;die casting;plastic injection;plastic parts and products;plastic moulding
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MOLA PALM COMPANY   -  Cameroon 
Company Introduction: Crude and Refined Palm Oil for Sale. We are manufacturer and suppliers of Crude palm oil,Refined palm oil, RBD palm oil ,palm Cooking oil, soya bean oil and vegetable oil for sale.We are looking for good and reliable buyers. If interested, please just contact us
Key Products/Services: PALM OIL REFINE OIL
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Kozo lamp by DEMO >> design clinic   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Kozo lamps are a design created by DEMO >> design clinic since 2009. The Kozo lamps brand in sold around the world through our website - About us: DEMO >> design clinic - is a seven-designer co-op, sharing a studio in the city. Three years ago we all studied at the same design academy and in 2008 we opened our studio. In our designs we strive to give new life and meaning to the materials that we use, always keeping it on the green side. Our basic attitude is to manufact...
Key Products/Services: Kozo lamps Product design and concept
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Business Blogging Ideas   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Design, planning, editing, writing and maintaining social media. From simple blogs to social network building (Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace) to research and writing to strategy. Everything a product manager or a marketing director needs for social media. Quick deployment of simple blogs. Fast writing and promotion of content. Research and analysis of potential opportunities to get your message OUT.
Key Products/Services: Internet content services: writing, editing, promotion, blogging, social media, digital promotion
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Virtual Assistance Israel   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Virtual Assistance Israel is a friendly and professional service providing premium secretarial and administrative support to companies and individuals in Israel and abroad. In this virtual world, we have the opportunity to assist our clients regardless of their location. Internet access is all you need to make use of our many services. Virtual Assistance Israel can work closely with clients without having to be at their side. Today, outsourcing is an important way of doing business an...
Key Products/Services: Premium secretarial and administrative support.
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ExpTurkey Inc.   -  Turkey 
Company Introduction: Our company supply diverse services to our customers worldwide, in food and drink sector. We are mainly interested in manufacturing and marketing of wheat flour, dried fruits, olive oil, and non alcoholic drinks, which are produced in best conditions.
Key Products/Services: Wheat Flour, Olive oil, hazelnut, Market Research
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Click Translation   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Click Translation is a very active Israeli agency with a strong team of qualified and experienced translators offering 30+ language combinations covering a multitude of subjects. Finished work is delivered accurately, efficiently and punctually and we are capable of delivering urgent translations within a matter of hours or very large jobs to meet your deadlines. Our team consists of expert translators all of whom specialize in different fields such as technical, medical, chemical, financial, ...
Key Products/Services: Technical Translation, Medical Translation, Legal Translation, Localization of Web sites
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123apparel   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: selling off price clothing for woman,also brand name clothing off price
Key Products/Services: woman clothing and more
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quicksilver recruiting   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: Recruiting
Key Products/Services: recruiting specializing placement of professionals in the USA
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Company Introduction: We deals in Metal scrap supply to potential buyers around the world, Also Gemstones from Pakistan, and Branded Goods in Apparel industry and other on request
Key Products/Services: Metals, Branded and Gemstones
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The Jerusalem Post Online Edition   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: The Jerusalem Post Online, the world\'s top English-language daily online-newspaper covering Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World.
Key Products/Services:
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GreFuP - Green Fuel Processor   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: GreFuP is a processor solution adressing the extremely fast growing worldwide BioDiesel market. GreFuP offers new technology to produce biodiesel using a much profitable process. The process employed by GreFuP eliminates the need for chemical catalyst NAOH or KOH, enables the process to be done at 30Celsius instead of 80Celsius; the added methanol level is much less compared with the traditional process. the vegetal oil material can be of the lowest grade possible, Used cooking oil or Cr...
Key Products/Services: GreFuP processors, Vegetal oil raw materials, buyers for the by-product glycerol
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1000 Miles Limited   -  China 
Company Introduction: Who We Are ? 1000 Miles Limited is a Fashion accessories jewelry and gifts supplier. Focusing on Production of fashion accessories and jewelry In China. With many years of experience we understand that every customer is unique and can assist you with your projects in China. We offer high quality and excellent service to each of our clients. We offer huge rage of fashionable products. Development of new products is one of our services, Where We Are ? Our company is located in ...
Key Products/Services: Fashion accessories,jewelry,gifts,scarfs,winter wear,Sourcing,Product development,Design & Packaging Design,
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STORE 2 LIMITED   -  Latvia 
Company Introduction: Welcome to STORE 2 LIMITED, established in 1988 and finally came into being in 1999. We provide good services and supply quality products worldwide to numerous consumers at any point in time. We are major distributor and seller of all kinds of mobiles electronics ranging from cellphone, Digita cameras, Game consoles, Computers.... We sell at very reliable cost to meet our various consumers needs at desirable prices. Come give a trial and we promise you the best at all time. Thanks to...
Key Products/Services: cellphone, Digita cameras, Game consoles, Computers....
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mobile phones club ltd   -  United Kingdom 
Company Introduction: We are a mobile phone company that deals in the distribution and sales of mobile phones globally. We dropship to our customers everywhere in the world
Key Products/Services: Nokia,Apple i phone,Samsung,Sony Ericsson,Htc,Blackberry
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City Credit Capital   -  United Kingdom 
Company Introduction: City Credit Capital (UK) Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. (FSA Register number 232015). The management team at City Credit Capital has extensive experience of working in developing markets around the world and has considerable expertise in building productive relationships with strategic partners. City Credit Capital’s state-of-the-art trading platform, MarketsTrader2, allows clients to trade FX and CFD’s with the safety, security and quality pricing o...
Key Products/Services: FX/Forex CFD's
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Markcheck Publishing   -  Canada 
Company Introduction: Markcheck Publishing is an independent publisher, based in Ottawa, Canada, since 1994. We have developed and published 4 management reference handbooks on CDs, in checklist format. The four handbooks are: (1) Project Management Handbook of Checklists, 1,900 pages, 4 Volumes on CD. (2) The Marketer’s Handbook: A Checklist Approach, 2,715 pages on CD. (3) Events Project Management: A Checklist Approach, 432 pages on CD. (4) Organizing Your Association: A Checklist Approach, 800 pages, 2 V...
Key Products/Services: Handbooks of Checklists covering Project Management, Marketing, Events Management and Organizing Associations.
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Company Introduction: Dora natural foods manufactured of pomergranate sour sauce, salad sauce , honey with nuts and all kind of herbal mixed paste for afrodisiac, organization active in national and international market from Turkey . Dora produce quality and healty products since its establishment as the basic principle is accepted. Since its establishment to comply with all the hygiene and quality standards to work with all effort. Our high quality standards to protect our basic objectives an deven more to ...
Key Products/Services: MANUFACTURER
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