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Zhongshan Fengcheng Wood Products Co,. Ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction: We are a dedicated manufacturer which involves to kitchen cabinetry and bathroom vanity fabricatation.We have been involving in this business since ten years ago.
Key Products/Services: kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity,wardrobe,closet,cupboard,butcher top,wooden products.
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ezragolddust   -  Ghana 
Company Introduction: We are looking for a serious Buyer of the GOLD DUST. Below are the offers: Commodity: GOLD DUST (AU) Origin: GHANA QUANTITY: 300 KGS Quality: 22 Carat + Purity: 98% Price: $ 18.500 per each kg
Key Products/Services: bullion gold
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Hiwa Fittings   -  China 
Company Introduction: Hiwa Fittings(, the professional pipe fittings manufacturer, which belong to Huihua Valve Co Ltd---The CE,WRAS and SGS ISO9001 Approved Valve and Fittings Manufacturers in China. Our main line as the following: .Rubber Expansion Joints Single Sphere Rubber Expansion Joint, Twin Sphere Rubber Expansion Joint, , spool Type Rubber Expansion Joint, Heavy Duty Rubber Expansion Joint with DIN,BS,EN,JIS,ANSI Flanged Drilling and Twin Sphere Union Rubber Expansion Joint t with BSP or ...
Key Products/Services: .Rubber Expansion Joints.Universal Flange Adaptor, Universal Coupling, Dismantling Joint.Fittings for uPVC pipes. Cast and Forged Flanges
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S.I.E Ashkelon L.t.d   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: S.I.E. Ashkelon Ltd., established in 1988, is well known and a leader in its field of operation. The company operates in the following fields: Manufacturing of semi-buried garbage container: Pioneers in the field of the production of semi-buried garbage containers, and specializes in plastic and concrete containers that are environmentally friendly and recyclable. The production process of the containers is done locally in our Factory in Ashkelon. Semi buried containers can be u...
Key Products/Services: semi-buried garbage containers
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ETB- Environmental Technologies@Business   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: AQUA SOFT Technology combines a new media and clasical filtering technologies The new media has a strong power of a bio –ceramic magnets change the crystallization activity and crystal configuration, created a new amorphous crystals AQUA SOFT Results -Water Softening without calcium and magnesium removal thanks to crystallization changing processes -Bacterial activity removal thanks to ion potential changes -Exclusion metals - thanks to magnetic activity -Removing...
Key Products/Services: AQS1, AQS1/2 AQS2, AQS2A
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Dolevelectromechanic technology & engineering ltd   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Dolev ltd. is a quality-focused engineering firm founded in 1994 whose diversified industrial experience results in innovative and complete solutions for magntic field problems EMF/ELF DC/AC field . We have a proven team of experienced engineer dedicated to providing state-of-the-art solutions to today's demanding needs. An expert support staff exists with expertise in providing high quality CAD drawings, maintenance, calibration, and assembly of control panels.
Key Products/Services: solutions for magntic field problems EMF/ELF DC/AC field
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SANCO MACHINE & TOOLS CORP   -  Taiwan, Province of China 
Company Introduction: establised on 1981, looking for Israel sole agent now.
Key Products/Services: Double column machine, Horizontal boring & milling, CNC bed type universal milling, 5axes,
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Cree Industries   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: Log Homes, and Biomass extruders, making solid smokeless fuel for burning.
Key Products/Services: Log Homes and solid fuel
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Tabib - Toxic Waste Services Ltd   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Tabib provides services pertaining to environmental protection, removal and handling of hazardous waste, logistics and storage of hazardous substances. Established in 1992, Tabib has become a leader in its field, providing service to over 7,000 customers countrywide from all industry and service sectors. The company provides Total Waste Management services (TWM) making available to its customers comprehensive solutions for all types of waste. This service is accompanied by logistic and s...
Key Products/Services: environmental protection, removal and handling of hazardous waste, logistics and storage of hazardous sabstances.
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C-Valves Ltd   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: C-Valves’ was founded in 1995 & manufactures an innovative technology that provides precise control of water systems for Public Waterworks and Industrial applications
Key Products/Services: Control Valves
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ADAMA   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: ADAMA is a worldwide sourcing company. Our main proficient is food ingredients & products for the building industry. we are connected directly to food ingredients manufacturer that produce the ingredients like: - skimmed milk powder < 1.5% fat - full cream milk powder > 26% fat - ICUMSA 45 - sugar origin Brazil, spot & annual deals - baking blends made according to customer request - Ice Cream blend from the manufacturer or according the customer request - RBD Palm oil origin Malaysia ...
Key Products/Services: milk powder, blend, RBD palm oil, RBD Palm Kernel oil, coconat oil, sugar, Ice Cream blends, baking blends, PV solar panels, project management,,
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Netwise Applications Ltd   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Netwise is a leading partner in the establishment of eGovernment in Israel. Its experts are highly involved for over 10 years in the development of eGovernment vision and strategy for the Israeli government. Netwise has extensive experience in the planning, design, development and ongoing maintenance of numerous government portals and systems, acting as a partner in all stages of the project.
Key Products/Services: eGovernment services, i.e ePayment solution
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Dermatone USA   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: Hello, I\'m an Indedpendent Sales Representative for Dermatone USA. We designs, manufactures and sell state-of-the-art devices for the medical and spa community.
Key Products/Services: SculptaDerm Radio Frequency, Diamond Derm Microdermabrasion, Vacuum EndermoTone,Super Tonus Muscle Toning and more!
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Cellflare   -  Canada 
Company Introduction: Hello We are currently seeking strategic partners to resell or license our product around the globe and would like to discuss details with you. We are a Canadian Company based in Toronto, ON. We’ve developed a Location Based Application works in real time communicating directly with the satellite as opposed to using assisted GPS giving us greater accuracy within 3-5 meters and tracking capability within 10 second intervals. I believe what separates our solutio...
Key Products/Services: Location Based Application
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Global MarkeTeam Ventures   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: We can offer access to revolutionary Israeli med tech, cleantech and Hitech Israeli technologies and products, our Israeli clients are vendors which seek expansion into international markets Global MarkeTeam Ventures is involved in investments in early stage Israeli technology ventures, Business Development for mature Israeli ventures targeting international marketes and in representing international vendors in Israel in various areas We also act as agents in Israel for a couple of interna...
Key Products/Services: Investments, consumer electronics, Agent, representative, distributor, Business development
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ELI770   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: Distributor/Wholesaler of Manufacturer
Key Products/Services: Distributor/Wholesaler
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Company Introduction: XPORTBRASIL Ltda., offers all the attendance to the importer, giving the support in the search of new products, as well as in the bureaucratic part and of logistic. Except this, we made all the quality control, in the production, and also in the logistic and dispatch departments, making all the inspections information registered and photographed, preventing future problems. Within our performance line, we also search for specific products for our clients, not only for furniture, but for all tha...
Key Products/Services: Doors,Chairs,Bedroons,Bunks,Dining Room, Rustics,Pine Panels,Modern Line...
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Jerusalem Lodges   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Since 1993, we have been providing the finest in properties to people vacationing in the wonderful city of Jerusalem. Whether you are staying for a short time, a month or a year, we are able to provide you with just the right place with the amenities you are looking for. Need three bedrooms? Is a Kosher kitchen important? Looking for computer hookups? How about American style beds that look and feel like home? Well, you have come to the right place.
Key Products/Services: Short & Long Term Apartment Rentals in Jerusalem.
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AR Challenges (USA) Inc.   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Internsational consulting and supply of products and services in the above related industires. Special expertise in the USA and Canada.
Key Products/Services: homeland Security, Cleantech and Plastic products
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AquaFirst Technologies Inc.   -  Canada 
Company Introduction: We are a company dedicated to maximizing irrigation efficiency through the use of soil technology. By designing sos for maximum water efficient we have reduced irrigation water by 50% and more while promoting plant vitality and productivity.
Key Products/Services: Lassenite
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