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Endeavour Enterprises N.V.   -  Netherlands 
Company Introduction: Endeavour Enterprises N.V. is a Dutch-based firm that offers unique Interim Management services in the arena of business operations and in the environment of investments in the Netherlands. Endeavour Enterprises N.V. is proud to manage some of Israel\'s prominent ICT firms having branches in the Netherlands. Endeavour provides the following services to its clients: Interim Management Incorporation services Directorship services by qualified directors Accounting and tax advising
Key Products/Services: Interim management, directorship, business services, new firm incorporation, company management
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SmartChoicesWomen   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: SmartChoicesWomen specializes in products for pregnant women and new Mothers. We sell all over the world. Our products support breast feeding and we are dedicated to providing comfort and support to prenatal and postnatal women.
Key Products/Services: nursing pads, breast soothers, fem
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Graphicatz LTD   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Graphicatz LTD. we are manufacturer of Popart and Judaica in large variety products and materials.
Key Products/Services: sublimation, cloth, wood, gift, crafts, pop art, keychains, magnets.
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Ilglobaltrade   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Your bridge to global trade
Key Products/Services: Trade services
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ensar (sumsmart-europasmart)   -  Turkey 
Company Introduction: Ensar home appliance Co.Ltd. vas established for to perfect produce profile ladder and ironing board. From day to day, our construction is get strong with precious customer’s support. Our factory’s closed area is 1500 m2. And our machines have got high technology. Ergonomical designs structure them impressive and meets the user's needs. User friendly design, portable, foldable and space saving specifications of our products makes them unique. Especially, we are working high-quality raw pr...
Key Products/Services: ironing board,step ladder,laundry dryer
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neve atavlin   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: spices
Key Products/Services: spices
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Emoonim Industrial Service   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: We manufacture and import every the types of the cables, and accessories for industrial.
Key Products/Services: cable
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East and West Food   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Import and distribution of Asian food products Export Asian Kosher food products to the U.S, Canada and Europe
Key Products/Services: Sushi ingredients, Noodles, Sauces
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L.D. Bar-El Ltd.   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: L.D. Bar-El Ltd. is a manufacturer of Gluten-Free backed goods and flours. We can offer Gluten-Free backed products and/or flower to manufacture products at the designated market using local factories.
Key Products/Services: Gluten-Free backed goods and powders (flour)
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Company Introduction: ROMOLD TECHNOLOGIES Ltd was established in AFULA in 1992. Nowadays it is the largest infrastructure exporter in Israel and leading in that area in Israel and in the world. Two thirds of the products are sold in Europe by the company ROMOLD Germany in the countries: Germany, Sweden, Austria, The Netherlands, Czech, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Ukraine, Slovenia, and Spain. Among its clients are, WILO, SIEMENS NETAFIM etc…. The company specializes in plastic products production, in the ROTATIONAL...
Key Products/Services: tanks,manholes,spill paleets,oil separators,grease separators
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QT - Translation & Localization   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: QT is the leading translation vendor in Israel. We deliver our services globally for more than 70 languages. We localize software and translate business related documents
Key Products/Services: Translation, Localization, IT, Telecom, Languages
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ukraine-land   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: At ukraine-lande. We believe real estate is about building relationships, not just selling you a home or land. We help our clients for locating ukraine property and provide a complete basket of investment services. Our staff is not satisfied by only introducing the buyer and the seller to one another, We are always by your side during every step of your legal estate investment process. Our company lawyer provide you with the proper professional guidance and legal assistance you require.
Key Products/Services: Locating real estate marketing
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Ocean Secrets   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: The “Ocean Secrets” Company, established in 2008, is a subsidiary of the “Health Products” Corporation which was founded in 2004. The Company’s activities started with the production of black and red caviar (kosher, parev) marketed under the brand name “Ocean Secrets”. The product contains Salvia oil, saturated fats, essence of Laminaria seaweed (Algin), organic iodine, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. The vegetarian caviar product does not undergo any thermal processing, thus enab...
Key Products/Services: Producing of Vegetarian Seaweeds Caviar Black and Red.
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AquaSpark   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: AquaSpark provides an effective, low cost and innovative solution for on-site treatment of high COD-level organic-contaminated industrial wastewater, so that it can be directly discharged into the communal sewer system.
Key Products/Services: The AquaSpark system, based on BLTT, provides an affordable treatment for contaminated industrial wastewater with a high level of COD, so that they can be discharged into the communal sewage facility.
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XCD Logistics Solutions Ltd.   -  Canada 
Company Introduction: Experienced at helping companies with distribution across Canada. Our services include supply chain, logistics, transportation, distribution and warehouse service. Our staff is multi lingual, English, Hebrew, French and Spanish. We provide excellent services that are reasonably price to all the major centres across Canada and into the Northern United States.
Key Products/Services: Logistics, supply chain, transportation, distribution and warehouse services consulting
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Zhongshan Fengcheng Wood Products Co,. Ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction: We are a dedicated manufacturer which involves to kitchen cabinetry and bathroom vanity fabricatation.We have been involving in this business since ten years ago.
Key Products/Services: kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity,wardrobe,closet,cupboard,butcher top,wooden products.
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ezragolddust   -  Ghana 
Company Introduction: We are looking for a serious Buyer of the GOLD DUST. Below are the offers: Commodity: GOLD DUST (AU) Origin: GHANA QUANTITY: 300 KGS Quality: 22 Carat + Purity: 98% Price: $ 18.500 per each kg
Key Products/Services: bullion gold
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Hiwa Fittings   -  China 
Company Introduction: Hiwa Fittings(, the professional pipe fittings manufacturer, which belong to Huihua Valve Co Ltd---The CE,WRAS and SGS ISO9001 Approved Valve and Fittings Manufacturers in China. Our main line as the following: .Rubber Expansion Joints Single Sphere Rubber Expansion Joint, Twin Sphere Rubber Expansion Joint, , spool Type Rubber Expansion Joint, Heavy Duty Rubber Expansion Joint with DIN,BS,EN,JIS,ANSI Flanged Drilling and Twin Sphere Union Rubber Expansion Joint t with BSP or ...
Key Products/Services: .Rubber Expansion Joints.Universal Flange Adaptor, Universal Coupling, Dismantling Joint.Fittings for uPVC pipes. Cast and Forged Flanges
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S.I.E Ashkelon L.t.d   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: S.I.E. Ashkelon Ltd., established in 1988, is well known and a leader in its field of operation. The company operates in the following fields: Manufacturing of semi-buried garbage container: Pioneers in the field of the production of semi-buried garbage containers, and specializes in plastic and concrete containers that are environmentally friendly and recyclable. The production process of the containers is done locally in our Factory in Ashkelon. Semi buried containers can be u...
Key Products/Services: semi-buried garbage containers
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ETB- Environmental Technologies@Business   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: AQUA SOFT Technology combines a new media and clasical filtering technologies The new media has a strong power of a bio –ceramic magnets change the crystallization activity and crystal configuration, created a new amorphous crystals AQUA SOFT Results -Water Softening without calcium and magnesium removal thanks to crystallization changing processes -Bacterial activity removal thanks to ion potential changes -Exclusion metals - thanks to magnetic activity -Removing...
Key Products/Services: AQS1, AQS1/2 AQS2, AQS2A
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