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Active Presence   -  Italy 
Company Introduction: Active Presence gives technology companies the possibility to start or to expand their sales within Italy through our professional services: Outsourced Sales Force and Channel Expansion. Active Presence is a company designed to run your operations and sales in Italy. We enable corporations to have a full presence in the Italian market with totally dedicated resources. Acting as a local branch office, Active Presence can significantly reduce your investments and provide greater flexibilit...
Key Products/Services: sales outsourcing
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MSCEE, Inc   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: MSCEE Skin Care manufactures and distributes a line of skin care, foot care, shaving products and pain relievers. We are an Emu oil based cosmetic company. We invite you wholesale distribution inquiries.
Key Products/Services: emu oil, body,lotion,feet,cream,wholesale, retail,personal,health,beauty
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Rasna Pioma Industries   -  India 
Company Introduction: We are manufacturers of Instant Fruit Drink Powders. We hold over 93% of the Indian Marklet Share in this category We are already exporting to many countries (Middle East, USA, Africa, Far East) We can supply in Consumer Packs & in products which are Sugar based, Sugar+Dextrose, Aspartame.
Key Products/Services: Instant Fruit Drink Powders
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Acumen Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.   -  India 
Company Introduction: Acumen was established in the year 2005 with the vision of creating an IT and IT Enabled Services Company in the domain of web-technologies. Within this span of time Acumen has grown to become one of the strong exponents in the field of Web Technologies successfully developing critical web based solutions for companies based in USA, Europe and Asia. Acumen specializes in providing the entire range of services pertaining to the web that includes web-design, web development, web marketing (SEO)...
Key Products/Services: Web Design, Web Development, IT Outsourcing, SEO, Custom Development, Open Source Technologies, PHP, ASP.NET, CMS, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, MySQL, Linux
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EastPresent crystal crafts co.,Ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction: We are the chinese supplier to crystal crafts.We specialize in a wide variety of crystal products and gifts.Our products are more than seven categories and hundred styles including holiday gifts,3Dlaser,clocks,globes,trophies,sculptures,vases and so on.All products can be customized and we offer free engraving on all of our crystal products. Whatever you are looking for, feel free to browse our website and we're sure you'll find it !
Key Products/Services: crystal glass,holiday gifts,3Dlaser,clocks,globes,trophies,sculptures,vases
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TZBT   -  China 
Company Introduction: I am an independent sale rep. for non-woven-bags made in Guangzhou, China. There are over 50 factories to produce all kinds of non-woven bags I help buyers who want to make promotional bags with their logo
Key Products/Services: non-woven-bag, non woven bag, shopping bag, interpreter, sourcing agent
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IR Connect   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Sales and Marketing Promoting Israeli Advance Technology in the Russia, CIS and Baltica
Key Products/Services: Sales and Marketing Promoting Israeli Advance Technology in the Russia, CIS and Baltica
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YRL Ltd   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: intersted in finding reliable distributor for unique safety device that installed on helmets, which is a standalone product that has two parts. One is installed in the motor-bike and the other can be easily installed on each and every helmet (regular helmet), and can be easily removed from it as well. The part of the device that can be installed on the helmet can also be affixed on a jacket, using designated strips, that worn by the rider on his body. To be clear, there is no need for a ...
Key Products/Services: the device presented at the company's introduction
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Refrigeration Service Co Ltd Vogel   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Refrigeration Service Co Ltd Vogel was established on 1954 and since then specializing in servicing of all kinds of industrial refrigeration equipment. Amongst all we market, sell and service ice makers from all kinds, capacities and technologies, air driers and dry ice units. Our service technicians get the support from the office service department and the Head of Engineering when necessary. We also have the ability to service equipment with no agent in Israel by communicating with the man...
Key Products/Services: Service for all industrial refrigeration equipment, Ice machines, Ice cubers, Ice flakers, Air driers, Climatic cabinets
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Company Introduction: מהחברות המובילות בארץ למתן שירותי דפוס דיגיטלי מגוונים. פתרונות איכותיים להפקת מוצרים רבים החל מכרטיסי ביקור ופליירים , דרך הדפסות פוסטרים, רולאפים ובאנרים ועד הפקות ערכות תוכנה וערכות הדרכה. התמחות בהפקת ספרים בכמויות קטנות ובינוניות. מערכת שטנץ דיגיטלי שטנץ ישירות מהקוב...
Key Products/Services: digital printing - books, brouchures, cards etc.
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Viatec Associates   -  United Kingdom 
Company Introduction: Wireless Ventures
Key Products/Services: Wireless Ventures
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Faith Telecom   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Faith Telecom is a solutions oriented telecom company which focuses on outstanding user experience while offering affordable products which integrate with your daily life. Our vision is simply to keep our customers happy by providing excellent customer support, quality of service and the most economical solutions available!
Key Products/Services: US SIM Cards - World SIM Cards - Calling Cards - Mobile Softphone
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SPACETECH   -  Benin 
Company Introduction: Inspira, Inc. has been helping businesses worldwide, aligning technology with business opportunities, utilizing a proven and scalable global delivery model to effectively manage cost of ownership and applications life-cycle management. Inspira’s solutions in Enterprise 2.0 and Mobility Computing facilitate goal oriented: collaboration, project management, knowledge management, quality of service, and relationship management by delivering integrated solutions that enable a seamless real-time...
Key Products/Services: Technology solutions, computer, telecommunication, Food and beverage, trade
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Simply Bella Cosmetics   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: As a manufacturer and designer of all natural, therapeutic properties in beauty products, I envision beauty/wellness is interchangeable. Up to 60% of products applied to the skin are absorbed and can react as a therapeutic or toxic substance in your blood stream. As a long time advocate of wellness as part of a healthcare regimen, my products are manufactured according to highest EU standards in our FDA approved US manufacturing facility, and can therefore, claim highest quality assurance to ...
Key Products/Services: superb coverage therapeutic concealers;2in1 Cream2Powder Foundations;vibrant eye/cheek colors;all natural therapeutic lip colors, and much more!!!
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Rubens Aschner Consulting   -  Italy 
Company Introduction: I am a consultant and my main activity is business development in Italy for Israeli companies. My services range from finding partners (distributors, resellers, integrators, VAR etc) to establishing an Italian local virtual office.
Key Products/Services: Hi Tech products, HW/SW, telecom, security, electromedical, electronic health/beauty appliances, electronic consumer
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Al-Aghssan   -  Jordan 
Company Introduction: I am working on commision bases for any kind of good Also I like too much to work in real astate for lands in Israel and Jordan Many people in Israel like to buy lands in Jordan , I can work on this and make it more easy for the buyers
Key Products/Services: Business Services
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Eastec shanghai Ltd.   -  China 
Company Introduction: Eastec is the subsidiary company of HPCC. Eastec has been awarded strategy partner status by several famous OEMs & Contract Manufacturers. The ISO certified company has a manufacturing plant in Changshu, Jiangsu province and we also have 6 alliance factories in Kunshan, Suzhou & Shanghai. In addition, to support our customer better, Eastec has 4 Asia branches in Shanghai, HongKong, Malaysia & Singapore. \\\"Best service, best price, one stop solution\\\"is the catch phrase used by Eastec, a...
Key Products/Services: toys, magnets, die-casts, plastics, sports-goods, goods
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HIGH-TECH LOCK COMPANY   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: Sell pick proof locks with built in access control both US & EU styles. over 150 different lock applications from door, drawer, cabinet, padlock and more. The lock can be programmed to only unlock at certain times by certain keys. audit trail both lock and key sell bio metric(fingerprint) key chains tokens that will unlock an electric card readers and unlock a computer , a network, program, financial files and more. totally secure even if lost or stolen. Bluetooth, usb, RSA alliance, finge...
Key Products/Services: locks, security, access control, biometric locks, cctv equipment
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Useful Chemicals Inc   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Useful Chemicals Inc offers high quality products with competitive prices for the served industries, based on 20 years of experience in those activities. We are concentrating our efforts in a few activities tending to be the best and offering complete satisfaction to our customers: - Additives to starch adhesives for the manufacturing of corrugated boxes with water proof bond. - Biocides for manufacturing of disinfectant and sanitizer products. - Intermediates products for the manufa...
Key Products/Services: KETONE ALDEHYDE, POWDER RESIN, BIOCIDES, AMINOXIDES, COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE, COCAMIDE DEA, DDAB-50 | 70 | 80, DDAB POWDER, BENZALKONIUM CHLORIDE 50 | 80, Superplasticizer and water reducing agent, DOSS – 75, CALUR, Melamine Injection Molding Compou...
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Leading Edge Personal Assistants in Israel   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: If you visit Israel for business, then right now located in Tel Aviv, you can employ a Personal Assistant with extensive experience in all phases of Executive Event Coordination, and Media Planning who will work to suit your business needs and provide a full range of Personal Assistant, Executive Event and Media Coordination Services.
Key Products/Services: Personal Assistant, Executive Event Coordinator, Media Planning, Excecutive Services, Logistics Coordinator
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