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C2C Asia   -  China 
Company Introduction: Introduction to C2C ASIA Channel 2 China Asia Ltd (C2C) is headquartered in Beijing. C2C Asia is acting as consulting firm that introduces seller to buyer and is committed to facilitating international-marketing and providing businesses with access to global markets. Our firm offers a service whereby we open fully-staffed Marketing Offices and Buying Offices for our clients, with full access to Asian Markets and to direct source products from China by providing you the -on-the-ground prese...
Key Products/Services: Marketing Products in China / we do also source products and have Import & Export Licenses
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Oxalis Enterprises   -  India 
Company Introduction: Manufacturer of leather and leather goods
Key Products/Services: leather belt, safety shoes, slippers, wallet, portfolio bag and customised leather goods
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Tangshan sinoera   -  China 
Company Introduction: we supply hand-painted ceramics and garden tools.
Key Products/Services: ceramics and garden tools
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S&S Corporation   -  India 
Company Introduction: S&S Corporation is a south India based woven textile manufacturer . at S&S Corporation , we produce 100% cotton fabrics in handlooms and powerlooms .indian traditional fabrics such as handloom cloths,tie-die [ikat],patch work fabrics etc.. are part of our product list. we are also into uniform industry producing fabrics,garments and all other accessories supplying to schools and corporates ...
Key Products/Services: manufacturing,wholesale distribution
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Company Introduction: INDIA BUYING SERVICES offers the service of Sourcing,quality assurance and Inspection services to overseas buyer and assist in finding products , factories sutible to thier needs. Our team consist of highly qualified persons who are in the line of buying, sourcing since last 10 years. We have a large data base of reliable manufacturers of wide range of products who have in-house manufacturing facilities and can deliver quality merchandise at competitive rates. Infact some of them are alread...
Key Products/Services: Fashion garments,stoles,home furnishing,stainless steel kitchenware, pet products,jewelry,gifts,furniture, bed sheet sets or any other product as per buyers requriment
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V.I.P.Ferromet   -  India 
Company Introduction: Dear Sir, Sub : Registration of our Firm as an approved Supplier & Exporters for FERROUS & NON-FERROUS materials. We take the pleasure to introduce ourselves as a BHANSALI Group of companies which is engaged in STAINLESS STEEL manufacturer, Importer, Exporter, Stockiest trading in all specifications, shapes and sizes. We are aware that you are one of the regular consumers of Steel materials and are purchasing them from open market too and in this connection kindly note as we are one of th...
Key Products/Services: Stainless Steel Bright Bars,Pipes Both Seamless & Welded,Forgings Circle , Ring, Flat, Body VAlves , Manifolds.etc
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Kamal Hosiery Mills Pvt. Ltd.   -  Pakistan 
Company Introduction: Kamal Hosiery Mills is a leading Pakistani manufacturer and exporter of socks and hosiery. The range of our product line, good quality, and competitive prices have made us one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in Pakistan. We at Kamal Hosiery Mills will work with you to produce the types of socks or hosiery products that will sell well in your stores. We guarantee both our quality and on time delivery of shipments and our prices are very competitive. Client List For USA 1...
Key Products/Services: Socks, Home Textiles, Garments, foot balls
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OGV-Communication   -  France 
Company Introduction: OGV-Communication is a leading French Company that will help step by step any Company wanting to settle in France and Spain with accurate Marketing strategies and advises. Translations, learning the Spanish, French languages as well.
Key Products/Services: Translations in English, French and Spanish, Marketing Services, Accouting Services, Teaching languages, Import and Export consultants..
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Innovative Marketing Solutions (I.M.S)   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: About us: Innovative Marketing Solutions act as a marketing agency in the medical device market. We will help you’re business increase your market share and distribution. Who we are: I.M.S Company is \"your marketing, sales and design partner. We specialize in Marketing concealment, development, graphic, printing services, promotional products, marketing strategies as well as other services to help promote your business. Our focus is simple: To make your Sales & marketing budget an ...
Key Products/Services: Medical device marketing
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Carpenter House Consulting Group Inc.   -  Canada 
Company Introduction: Consultants to the Green Industry. Specializing in cleaner running of combustion engines large and small. Reducing fuel consumption and cleaner emissions. Lowering your carbon foot print. Saving fuel costs.
Key Products/Services: Hydrogen Generators for combustion enginges reducing fuel consumption and emissions.
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DW Cargo   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: 16 years experience as service providers in the fields of Logistics, Freight Forwarding, special cargos, custom clearance, Packing, Relocation, Cargo & Marine insurance.
Key Products/Services: Freight Forwarding
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Movon   -  South Korea 
Company Introduction: We are a SME in IT field. Our revenue is US$ 30 million. We have 3 main businesses. 1. Test and approve an electronic goods. 2. Develop and manufacture a bluetooth product. 3. Develop on-line game.
Key Products/Services: Bluetooth product
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hakadistribution   -  Indonesia 
Company Introduction: Moslim company Distribution for all Indonesia
Key Products/Services: Distribution
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Braga   -  Portugal 
Company Introduction: SKPM is a reliable private marketing, sales and distributor pharmaceutical company, located in Portugal. Our partners and management team have a vast experience in business management, sales and logistics. With large professional experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we promote brands and represent companies in Pharmaceuticals, OTC, Medical Devices and Cosmetics. SKPM is an ambitious company, combining marketing expertise with the corporate vision to act in the very competitive market wit...
Key Products/Services: healthcare and pharmaceuticals
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MaxTrEx International   -  Sri Lanka 
Company Introduction: we are an export and trading company in sri lanka
Key Products/Services: fertilizer and latex
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Pacific Empire International Ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction: We get the General sales agency(GSA) of the Israel airline at bankok.we are the GSA the Thai AIR asia line at shezhen.if some one need this airfreight logistics from china,please contact me directly.thanks!raymond
Key Products/Services: logistics,airfreight,oceanfreigt,costums clearence and tracking and so on
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EcoTrend   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: We are marketing Ecological products: Ecopack- pack for food made from Corn EcoBag- bag made from Corn
Key Products/Services: Ecological products
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Bumbo International   -  South Africa 
Company Introduction: Just imagine how busy we are as the new products are already coming on line! \\\"Amazing stuff. Seriously amazing stuff!\\\" Bumbo Company aims to promote greater awareness of the importance of becoming an employer of choice as well as the growing importance of the working environment for employees. Presently Bumbo Company provides employment opportunities for more than 300 people who are permanent staff members. We would soon employ additional 50-100 new permanent personnel for each addi...
Key Products/Services: Bumbo Baby Seat, Bumbo Play Tray, Bumbo Toilet Trainer, Bumbo Crawl Ball, Bumbo Baby Bath, Bumbo F1 Cart
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Chinnels   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Chinnels is active in raw materials large scales import and export. Our experience in this field includes dealing with raw materials and with a wide variety of products and services:  Supplier sourcing  Samples shipment  Negotiation and agreement  Quality assurance  Origin port and shipment logistics  Destination port logistics  Warehousing
Key Products/Services: steel strapping PP strapping PP sack
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Modai-Group   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Modai Group has two main areas of focus: business and legal. Formerly with Israel Aerospace Industries, Erez Modai (MBA) is a seasoned negotiator with years of experience and education in cross-culture negotiations with companied and governments form over 30 countries. Erez Modai is also a lawyer.
Key Products/Services: Negotiations - Int\\
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