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c2romania   -  Romania 
Company Introduction: C2R (“Connect to Romania”) Servicii Internationale is a very flexible and efficient structure located in Bucharest - Romania, e Milan - Italy, offering services to foreign companies, from logistic support to “business intelligence”, at the most attractive price/performance ratio. C2R has connections in the most representative Romanian cities, with a strong commitment toward advanced communication technologies Internet based, in order to allow foreign customers to optimize their traveling...
Key Products/Services: services to foreign companies
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SarDev International   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: SarDev International is an U.S. export company, with a local office in Israel. Having qualified assistance from many U.S. authorities, SarDev is working with a wide audience of manufacturers and suppliers. Doing business with SarDev is your opportunity to lower your import rates and to increase your profits. Contact SarDev now for a price quotation.
Key Products/Services: SarDev can get anything you need
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Company Introduction: THE REAL HOLY LAND ROSE OF JERICHO It\'s the Christmas miracle plant! That grows in the holy land - Israel between Jerusalem and the dead sea.
Key Products/Services: ROSE OF JERICHO
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chinatown israel   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: The firm has vast experience in marketing communication and also specializes in management of business opportunities alongside routine creative work for a wide variety of local and international clients: commercial, educational, non-profit and many others. The firm has acquired specific expertise in the Chinese and Far Eastern market, facilitating improved export ties between Far-Eastern companies and their Israeli counterparts.
Key Products/Services: serching
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Jimenez & Associates LLC   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: Jimenez & Associates provides management consulting and advisory services to industry and government agencies focused on domestic and homeland security.
Key Products/Services: Management Consulting and Advisory Services
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Alon   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: trading company
Key Products/Services: general trade
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Ulgan International Trading Co. Ltd.   -  Turkey 
Company Introduction: About us.. Our company has established by young and dynamic staff for to exist at the activity as more active shape at the international markets, improve the client satisfaction while going become expert about supplying and marketing in Mersin Turkey. We supply from Turkey canned foods, olive and olive oil, pickles, pulses, edible oils, herbal oils, healing herbs, fresh fruits and vegetables, fruit juices, turnip juice, jam, marmalade, tomato paste, pepper paste, macaroni, buscuit, chocolate...
Key Products/Services: canned foods, olive and olive oil, pickles, pulses, edible oils, herbal oils, healing herbs, fresh fruits and vegetables, fruit juices, turnip juice, jam, marmalade, tomato paste, pepper paste, macaroni, buscuit, chocolate, seasoning, condiment, bake...
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Sinoland Worldwide Ltd.   -  China 
Company Introduction: Are you losing business to competitors who already have a representation in China? Or are you not sure if your existing Chinese manufacturing relationships are fully managed in your interest? As western-managed technical support company in China we provide all services in the supply chain management from product and factory sourcing to engineering support and pre-shipment inspection, so our customers can fully focus on their business development. We provide the best possible technical a...
Key Products/Services: Sourcing, Engineering Support, Quality Assurance, Electrical Appliances, Consumer Electronics, CNC Parts, Export Moulds and Tools
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E-Consultancy   -  Turkey 
Company Introduction: Art&Painting,Defense &Security,Furniture,Cosmetics&Parfumery,Agriculture,Medical&Health,Tourism,Real Estate(Hotels),Mine Clearing,Education&Training
Key Products/Services: Consultant
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E-Consultancy   -  Turkey 
Company Introduction: Defense,Security,Furniture,Cosmetics,Medical&Health,Costructions,Energy,Agriculture,Mine Clearing,Art &Painting,Tourism,Education&Training.
Key Products/Services: Consultant
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Or Service   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: The company offers variety products from Israel such as Cosmetics made from the Dead Sea minerals. 100% Natural cosmetics products with the highest German authorization.
Key Products/Services: Cosmetics
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Biomax   -  India 
Company Introduction: Biomax is a biotech company based in Mumbai India. Biomax offers specialty bio-organic products to agriculture, horticulture, vegetable and flower gardens. Biomax offers phytochemiclas of herbal origin to health foods industry and to natural medicine industry.
Key Products/Services: Bio-inputs for agriculture and nutracuticals.
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Czenyu Furnishings Products Co.,Ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction: This is the why behind Czenyu Natural Furnishings. Created in 2005, Czenyu Natural Furnishings was the brainchild of individuals who realized that something was not missing from furniture: Formaldehyde. And that there were better materials available for furniture manufacture but they were not being used. And that green was cool, not granola. It has taken a little while for the rest of the world to catch up to this idea and it heartens us to see our materials- bamboo, natural woods, rattan, Paper...
Key Products/Services: Natural Furnishings, Zen, Tea Ceremony, Aromatherapy Accessories, Reed diffuser, Set
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L.D. Green-Point Ltd   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: We recycle PET for the textile, packaging and bottle industry
Key Products/Services: PET Flakes of all colores
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joshuwltd   -  Ghana 
Company Introduction: we are joshualtd we are into sell and buyer we also do business transaction any more details let us know
Key Products/Services: agriculture
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QuTECH   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: QuTech is giving a sourcing service, import & export
Key Products/Services: toys
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IB-Office Consulting Group   -  Austria 
Company Introduction: International Accounting, Global Finance Solutions, Busienss and Trade Services
Key Products/Services: Globale Financing and Projectfinancing
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Danpharm   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: We would like to introduce our revolutionary product \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Presto Gel\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" for the treatment of hemorrhoids, and our \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"ProVen\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" who contains a revolutionary combination of natural extracts in a unique formula, designed to treat effectively and comprehensively conditions such as: varicose veins (veins that have become enlarged and twisted), thrombophlebitis (inflammation of veins),we a...
Key Products/Services: PRESTO GEL, PROVEN
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Plastom Industries Ltd.   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: We would like to check the possibility of cooperation. Kindly, look through our company profile and products description: Founded in 1986, Plastom Industries Ltd is an exclusive manufacturing company of the BIDAN - an innovative bidet attachment for personal hygiene and healthcare treatment. Plastom Industries Ltd presents today a line of the following models: Bidan Turbo – affordable bidet seat with warm water and warm air. Fits to any commode instead of the regular plastic ...
Key Products/Services: Bidan bidet seat, Bidanit shower, Bidush bidet shower, Bidan bidet for disabled
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Horng Shin Electric Co., Ltd   -  Taiwan, Province of China 
Company Introduction: Horng Shin Corporation has devoted its considerable resources towards developing the most efficient solid state high frequency technologyies. Horng Shin understands the increasingly competitive market in which high quality requirements and reduced costs are the guarantee of success. Horng Shin provides solid state high frequency welders in variable ranges from 100kw to 1200kw. In addition, Horng Shin offers a well after sales service in both Taiwan and overseas.
Key Products/Services: solid state high frequency welder
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