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Samsons corporation   -  India 
Company Introduction: We are a manufacturer exporter of T shirts and other knitted/ woven apparels. Looking for Importers and re exporters .We also welcome sales agents to work on comission basis.
Key Products/Services: T shirts and other knitted/ woven apparels
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CN Mould&Plastic Limited   -  China 
Company Introduction: Welcome to CN MOULD & PLASTIC LIMITED of China. We are a medium size specialized mould making and plastic injection moulding company located in Shenzhen city neighboring Hong Kong, just two hours from Hong Kong international airport to our factory.   We have many years experience in manufacturing moulds and plastic parts for US & European companies. We can offer products at low price in compliance to your standard and quality requirements thus making your products more competitive.
Key Products/Services: A.-Insert Moulding(metal or other material molding).B.-Over Moulding(dual-shot or 3 materials molding).C.-Soft Plastic Moulded Part( TPR , TPE & TPV etc.).D.-Big Mould and Part(up to 6ton mould for 1200ton machine).E.-Micro-Moulding Part(0.1-0.5gram/...
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Sefarad Consulting Ltd.   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Strategic Vision: to be a facilitator, a bridge, in the developement of new markets and businesses in Iberian and Latin American countries on behalf of Israeli Technologies
Key Products/Services: Iberian and Latin American countries
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Sefarad Consulting Ltd.   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Strategic Vision: to be a facilitator, a bridge, in the developement of new markets and businesses in Iberian and Latin American countries on behalf of Israeli Technologies
Key Products/Services: Israeli start-ups in Iberian and Latin American coutries
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DYNATABS, LLC   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: Better than swallowing pills – The solution is in our proven thin strip! Believe it or not, over 40% of the population cannot swallow a pill! DYNA-TABS® - vitamin and herbal dietary supplements in fast-dissolving, great tasting, fun to take convenient strips are the ideal products for the 40% of the population who cannot swallow pills . The line features varieties of innovative products including GINSENG WITH VITAMINS B6 & B12 ENERGY SUPPORT, GREEN TEA ANTIOXIDANT SUP...
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ComPro Thailand, Ltd.   -  Thailand 
Company Introduction: ComPro is a trading company based in Thailand with Professional background and history in international trading. Commodities : Cement & Clinker, Steel & related, Agro Products, Rice, Timber, Steam coal.
Key Products/Services: Rice, Sugar & Cement
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EXPERT MOULD LTD.   -  Turkey 
Company Introduction: EXPERT MOULD is willing to be your reliable, price & quality competitive Tool Supplier for Plastic Injection Molds, Die Casting & Zinc Tools. We excel in high quality, cost-effective tooling from simple dies to complex multi-cavity molds. EXPERT MOULD takes pride in providing construction of the finest tooling for our customers’ complex part requirements. Our ability to ensure on time delivery of high quality molds and parts is supported by our long-term relationships with high precisio...
Key Products/Services: Tool & Mold Making, Contract Manufacturing of plastic & die casting parts
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BS Import   -  Brazil 
Company Introduction: We are a company which has worked with german products in Brazil for almost 20 years and are ready now to offer products from Brazil to Israel and from Israel to Brazil. We are an avenue to enter the brazilian market.
Key Products/Services: Automotive, Industrial machinery
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Becker and Rosenthal   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Business accelerator focused on seed-level/early stage engineers/scientists/entrepreneurs. Assist with business planning, fund-raising, access to capital, milestone achievements and path to marketplace
Key Products/Services: business planning/fund-raising/networking
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OptiTex Ltd.   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: OptiTex develops innovative, user-friendly 2D and 3D CAD software for all cut-fabric and fashion-related industries. OptiTex's fashion design software solutions are designed to facilitate collaboration among partners throughout the manufacturing process. OptiTex is also active in e-commerce, providing online sales tools to promote branding and customer loyalty. As the industry standard, OptiTex is a cornerstone of design training with installations in universities and educational centers worldwi...
Key Products/Services: Pattern Design System , Grade, Digitize, Marker, Modulate, 3D Runway Suite of Tools for Fit and Visualization, Match, Nest and CutPlan, Converters and Import/Export modules
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B.D. Sigma International Trading Ltd.   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: We're an international tradingcompany, importing and exporting products to and from Israel
Key Products/Services: marketing
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AfriConWest   -  Ghana 
Company Introduction: AfriConWest - Business Consulting for Western Companies Investing in Ghana Use our Project Management Services to establish your business in Ghana or use our Marketing Services to launch a product/service in Ghana.
Key Products/Services: Business Consulting, Africa Consulting, Ghana Consulting, Project Management, Marketing
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Friendly - Link 2000 LTD   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Friendly Link - Profile Friendly Link is an international trading company that specializes in Far Eastern markets. Friendly Link is part of a world wide group, with branches in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Eastern Europe, dealing in international trade, shipping and logistics. Friendly Link offers its clientele a wide selection of business services. Among the services we offer are: Creating the groundwork for commercial cooperation between companies all over the world, and in China in...
Key Products/Services: FL specializing in manufacturing and buying products in the far east for companies all around the world
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Correlation Systems   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Correlation Systems is an Israeli SME established in 1992. Correlation System’s main areas of expertise are processing and analyzing large sets of geospatial data. The company’s core technology, called GDM6, is a toolbox of geospatial related engines such as routine analysis, link analysis, demand prediction and real time dispatching. Those technologies are being used in a wide range of applications in different domains. Solutions based on GDM6 are available for cellular networks and loc...
Key Products/Services: Geospatial Data Mining
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Incado india   -  India 
Company Introduction: We are a trading company from India.We can source best Koscher certified food additives/ingredients etc for you at a competetive prices.
Key Products/Services: Food additives
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plastic millennium ltd   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Plast.y.k millennium ltd was established in the year of 2000 Out of recognition in the need to improve awareness in the quality of the environment and all her extension. The company has great experience in plastic recycling & marketing Field. Also the company is recognized as a authorized supplier by Israeli Ministry of Defense.
Key Products/Services: PP/PE/PS.
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China AEBO   -  China 
Company Introduction: AEBO is China professional manufacture and exporter of duplicator ink and master for Riso, Ricoh, Gestetner, Duplo from1995, we also carry offer the spare part and second-hand refurbished duplicator machine. We can assure you high quality especially fast dry, high blackness density and good price. We also sell in China local, and have more than 1000 customers are using our AEBO brand inks, it takes up 90% of whole China market. Sincerely hope a pleasant cooperation with you.
Key Products/Services: China AEBO, a leading manufacturer of compatible ink and master, spare parts for RISO RICOH DUPLO GESTETNER; Thermal transfer ribbon for Panasonic, Brother, Sharp, Philips, Canon, Sanyo ;barcode ribbbon for all kinds of printers such as Zebra....
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Suzhou Hongmao Import & Export Trade Co.,Ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction: Dear Friend, Thank you for visiting our website. From the begining of our activities our friendly and trained staff members, the \\\"Hongmao mailboxes-Team\\\", are ready to assist you with a full service around the distribution of high quality mailboxes and special designer mailboxes. A residencial mailbox doesn`t have to just be functional. We offer you various mailboxes in Stainless steel , Galvanized steel , aluminium and iron cast .Also we supp...
Key Products/Services: Steel mailbox, postbox ,letterbox, Gardentool, BBQ,and various flower pot
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green pass ltd   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Global Business Development
Key Products/Services: consumer goods, beauty and cosmetics, water treatment, car accessories
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lingoLee   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: lingoLee provides writing, editing and Hebrew-English, English-Hebrew translation services to the business community. Focus on promotional materials, Marcom, Website copy, newsletters, press releases and business correspondence.
Key Products/Services: Writing, editing, translation
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