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fsale. computer solutions ltd.   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions to the private sector and SMEs. Market and large companies, service providers and solutions leading brands. Since the company we enjoy global trade relations and through that we market and represent the leading brands. All products marketed by us undergo strict testing laboratories overseas companies our quality control laboratories in the country. We specialize in the marketing of second hand computers of all types including hardware after s...
Key Products/Services: Services
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Seed Networks   -  Argentina 
Company Introduction: Seed Network is a networking company with an arsenal of contacts both in the Israeli and Argentinian business community and the Israeli High-tec industry we have a wide range of contacts we can connect you with in almost any field, from agriculture to outdoor wireless, from funding to smart investments Seed Your Need with us!
Key Products/Services: networking services - connecting you to your target
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Toyo Ram Electronics Ltd.   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Toyo Ram Electronics Ltd. is one of the top 5 Israeli Distributors / Representatives and integrators for systems, subsystems and components in the following fields: Telecom, Datacom, Broadcast, Audio & Video, Microwave RF link and wireless, Security, CATV solutions, Test & Measurement and Infrastructure products.
Key Products/Services: Telecom, Datacom, Broadcast, Audio & Video, Microwave RF link and wireless, Security, CATV solutions, Test & Measurement and Infrastructure products
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Celinius   -  Taiwan, Province of China 
Company Introduction: Celinius has been experienced in providing sourcing assistance for overseas customers, for customized products originating in Taiwan and China. Celinius mainly targets small and medium sized businesses that do not have a world-wide procurement organization, but wish to benefit from the cost advantages and flexibility offered in Taiwan and China’s companies. Celinius is focusing on components and products that cannot be ordered as standard and possibly require customized tooling or assembly.
Key Products/Services: Evaluation of Potential Supplier, Managements of Manufacturing and full Turn-key services, Quality Control, Representation in Taiwan, Procurement Services, PCB Assembly
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Business Optima Ltd   -  Belarus 
Company Introduction: We consult and assist foreign businesses entering Belarus, including • Explaining different ways of creating business using foreign investment. • Support in preparing all necessary documents. • Accounting and human resource functions. • Assistance with establishing local business contacts including help with obtaining supplies, staff, permits, licenses, and other necessities for day to day operations. • Assistance with marketing and business promotion.
Key Products/Services: business services, trade
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Leap The Pond   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: Leap the Pond was founded by a group of seasoned software professionals who came together to help software/technology companies address the challenges of market entry and growth.
Key Products/Services: Leap the Pond works with its clients on three core objectives: • Growth - by developing and executing realistic go-to-market strategies • Customer loyalty - by enhancing implementation and customer support models • Discipline - by providing acc...
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Shimale love betweem light and glass   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Shimale creates and exports high-quality glass designs. Our main line is of decorative lights for indoor decoration. Our designs creates by the artist Shimon Peleg . We have over 100 unique light designs including ceiling pendants, wall sconces, backlit glass panels and chandeliers. We make: malls, hotels, restaurants, public places and residential We already export successfully to Canada, N.Y. Australia, and the UK Please sea our website at: www. If it is in your interest...
Key Products/Services: Decorative light
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DanDe Cosmetics Ltd.   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: DanDe Cosmetics, since 1998. Activities: Research, Development and Manufacture. It develops innovative products for hair and skin care. It uses Nano Technology for the hair and skin care. Facilities: laboratory, factory, store and training center. Imports: facial Hair Remover. Products: Hair Care; Skin care; Innovations in the hairdressers salons utensils; The company has developed 14 cosmetic products, it is developing a new hair relaxer special for solutions to the African Hair.
Key Products/Services: Hair Care and Skin Care Cosmetic Products
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NKVB Naturstein   -  Germany 
Company Introduction: NKVB Naturstein is European Keyaccounter for leading producers / owner of quarries. We have offices in germany and scnadinavia. We searching and given contacts. Limestone, Travertine, Antique Marble, Porphyr, Granite, Our partners are leanding in thier segments. Please feel free to contact us :
Key Products/Services: Natural Stones
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Aydin Duman Zeolite&Natural Stone   -  Turkey 
Company Introduction: We are manufacturer/supplier of NATURAL STONE , FLY ASH , NATURAL ZEOLITE and CEMENT Our delivery capacity : 1-) NATURAL ZEOLITE (MANUFACTURER) : - Zeolite Stone as raw material, without process, without packing, Bulk shipment. Delivery capacity : 75.000 MT per Month - Natural Zeolite Grain sizes : 10.000 MT per MONTH Standart packing : 25 Kg Sack,wrapped on 1 Ton Pallets NEW : Zeolite in 10 Kg BUCKETS Zeolite in 1 kg , 2 kg , 5 kg , 10 kg PP Bags 2-)...
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Ina Zeolite,Fluorspar,Travertine   -  Turkey 
Company Introduction: Dear Sir, We are manufacturer and seller of folowing Proucts.Our Company is in Turkey. FLUORSPAR LUMPS ZEOLITE (Clinoptilolite) CALCITE LUMPS ( 98 % CaCO3) TRAVERTINE and MARBLE DELİVEY FROM TURKEY TO EU COUNTRIES IS DUTY FREE For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us
Key Products/Services: zeolite,clinoptilolite,fluorspar lumps,calcite lumps,travertine,marble turkey
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likupfer   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Dead Sea Health and Beauty Exporter
Key Products/Services: Dead Sea health and Beauty Products.
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Mavua Group of Companies   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: 25 years of experience Please visit for additional information
Key Products/Services: Export food products from Israel to East Europe countries
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Company Introduction: Rotex Automation Limited came into existence in the year 1967, and since then there has been no looking back. Rotex now has 25000 sq. meter of constructed area with world class manufacturing facilities at 3 places. Also Rotex has achieved ISO 9001:2000 by TUV and approvals like ATEX, PED, INMETRO, UL, CCOE, CMRI and Bureau of business standards for its explosion proof application for solenoid valves and limit switches. Also Rotex conforms to some of the highest design standards in India and the ...
Key Products/Services: solenoid valves, pulse valve, Angle seat valve, Pneumatic ball valve, Pneumatic butterfly valve, pneuamtic plug valve, pneuamtic actuator, limit switch box, pneumatic positioner, electro pneumatic positioner, FRLs, pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic manu...
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World trade israel   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: We tradeing in all kinds of products in all over the world we can search for you everything every place. Wolrd trade israel עוסקת בכל תחומי הסחר בארץ ובעולם לחברה מגוון מוצרים מכול העולם לחברה קשרים ענפים עם מיטב היצרנים והדילרים בעולם אנו יכולים לאתר בעבורך כל מוצר מכול מקום בעולם נשמח לעמוד לשרותך בכל עת.
Key Products/Services: trade company
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Green Source Organics   -  Canada 
Company Introduction: Green Source Organics is one of the leading producers, developers and suppliers of botanical extracts servicing the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food & beverage, and pet care industries with the highest quality plant extracts. Green Source is a worldwide natural ingredients specialist providing manufacturers with a secure and consistent source of organic and conventional products for manufacturing or further isolation of valuable nutritional compounds. Renowned for our high qualit...
Key Products/Services: Oils, fiber, antioxidants, hemp, flax, supplement ingredients - and pet nutrition
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XiaMen Hexin commerce Co.,LTD   -  China 
Company Introduction: Xiamen Hexin commerce Co.,LTD is a comprehensive foreign trade company, the company in chemical products, building materials, food, mechanical and electrical products, energy and minerals import and export trading. Our main products for the mechanism of charcoal, stone, black tea, generators, etc. Engaged in other produc
Key Products/Services: charcoal,stone,blacktea,dynamo,Gypsum Products
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Da Vinci Mineral Make Up   -  Australia 
Company Introduction: Da Vinci Mineral Make Up offeres it's customers great range, competitive prices and excellant service. Join our team to enjoy a new world of beauty
Key Products/Services: Make Up, Skin Care
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neumanngroup   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: For fourteen years I have been in the wholesale home furnishings / accessory business calling on key accounts big box stores and independent clients domestically and internationally. I am always looking for new opportunity.
Key Products/Services: Main Products are furniture accessories / gift. My services are sales/ vendor relations / customer service
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Company Introduction: We provide live market analysis of the US equity markets in addition to technical analysis and research.
Key Products/Services: Actionable trading ideas, investment research, live commentary
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