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World trade israel   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: We tradeing in all kinds of products in all over the world we can search for you everything every place. Wolrd trade israel עוסקת בכל תחומי הסחר בארץ ובעולם לחברה מגוון מוצרים מכול העולם לחברה קשרים ענפים עם מיטב היצרנים והדילרים בעולם אנו יכולים לאתר בעבורך כל מוצר מכול מקום בעולם נשמח לעמוד לשרותך בכל עת.
Key Products/Services: trade company
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Green Source Organics   -  Canada 
Company Introduction: Green Source Organics is one of the leading producers, developers and suppliers of botanical extracts servicing the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food & beverage, and pet care industries with the highest quality plant extracts. Green Source is a worldwide natural ingredients specialist providing manufacturers with a secure and consistent source of organic and conventional products for manufacturing or further isolation of valuable nutritional compounds. Renowned for our high qualit...
Key Products/Services: Oils, fiber, antioxidants, hemp, flax, supplement ingredients - and pet nutrition
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XiaMen Hexin commerce Co.,LTD   -  China 
Company Introduction: Xiamen Hexin commerce Co.,LTD is a comprehensive foreign trade company, the company in chemical products, building materials, food, mechanical and electrical products, energy and minerals import and export trading. Our main products for the mechanism of charcoal, stone, black tea, generators, etc. Engaged in other produc
Key Products/Services: charcoal,stone,blacktea,dynamo,Gypsum Products
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Da Vinci Mineral Make Up   -  Australia 
Company Introduction: Da Vinci Mineral Make Up offeres it's customers great range, competitive prices and excellant service. Join our team to enjoy a new world of beauty
Key Products/Services: Make Up, Skin Care
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neumanngroup   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: For fourteen years I have been in the wholesale home furnishings / accessory business calling on key accounts big box stores and independent clients domestically and internationally. I am always looking for new opportunity.
Key Products/Services: Main Products are furniture accessories / gift. My services are sales/ vendor relations / customer service
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Company Introduction: We provide live market analysis of the US equity markets in addition to technical analysis and research.
Key Products/Services: Actionable trading ideas, investment research, live commentary
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shenzhen Plus me watch co., ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction: Shenzhen Plusme Watch Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of watches. Boasting our own assembly plants and high-end workshops, we use professional design and precision manufacturing technology to guarantee top product quality. Our main series now include gift watches, business watches, fashion watches, couple's watches, advertising watches, sport watches, mechanical watches and personalized watches.
Key Products/Services: watch, timepiece, wrist watch, men's watch, women's watch, fashion watches
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HEINRICH.CH LTD   -  Switzerland 
Company Introduction: Qualitatively leading partner for: Representation in Switzerland, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relation
Key Products/Services: Representation in Switzerland, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relation
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NetSet Networking Solutions Ltd.   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: One On One meeting scheduling application Networking management at event or exhibition Excel Revenues: Reach morepotential customers at minimum time Reach more exhibitors or sponsors Strengthen relationship with existing customers Create new profit centers Save time and money organizing your meetings
Key Products/Services: Networking Software Applications
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Vesselino Ltd   -  Bulgaria 
Company Introduction: VESSELINO LTD is well established at the Bulgarian and international markets for already 14 years. Our company is situated in Kazanlak - an ecologically pure area in the geographical center of Bulgaria, called THE VALLEY OF ROSES - the valley of the world well-known Bulgarian oleaginous roses /rosa damascena/, and production of rose oil, rose essential water, rose absolute and rose concrete. One of our major activities is focused in the trade in herbs, herbal substances, essential oils an...
Key Products/Services: Rose Water, Floral Water, Essential Oils, Botanical Extracts, Herbs, Tea
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PZ Marina   -  Croatia 
Company Introduction: PZ "Marina" is a 101 years old farming cooperative from Marina, Croatia. We are the biggist producer of Croatian extra virgin olive oil. If you are looking for an exlusive product you are on the right place: our extra virgin olive oil is handpicked, first cold pressed, with low acidity (>0,35%) and low peroxide number (>3,9). We sell only packed in bottles. Other detailes, prices & conditions upon request. Jakša Najev Sales manager
Key Products/Services: Extra virgin olive oil, olives, carob pods, carob powder, carob seed
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Gamatronic   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Gamatronic Electronic Industries Ltd a leading Israeli manufacture of UPs's and Power Supplies
Key Products/Services: UPS Power supplies
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Vecron   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: All in one "Trade Capacity Builder" ™ This is the most inclusive service we offer, and is the best value to our customers. It combines Pre Export Finance, Supply Chain Management, and Compliance Verification all under one program. We provide Long Term Finance Commitment. Trade Finance and Global Payment Services Short-term trade loan, from the moment the purchase order is placed (Pre Export). 3PL Management Logistics Services help to control the efficacy of your logistic operation, ...
Key Products/Services: Finance logistics compliance
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Classil Jewelry ltd   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Classil was established at 1999 as a family business by Silvia and Yossi Rozenfeler husband and wife. They both came from medical and hi tech backgrounds and decided to combine their love to art with work and mutual successful carrier . Silvi is the head designer. Each item is designed with love care and sensitivity to customer needs using the contemporary trends .Yossi is the company CEO and keeps it moving up. Our jewelry is made from precious metals and semi precious gem stones all done o...
Key Products/Services: Jewelry
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Eli Shaar   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Eli Shaar Jewelry a leading and well known young and innovative designer and manufacturer of original and unique Handcrafted Jewelry made of gold and sterling silver combined with natural and semi precious stones has built a reputation as a designer, developer and producer of high quality, original and fashionable designer jewelry. The company has developed an original and unique Israeli style expressing the plurality of Israeli society with its many ethnic sub-cultures. The company founded b...
Key Products/Services: Jewelry
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TR Jewelry Designs ltd   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: TR Jewelry Designs ltd, is a family company specializes in designing and manufacturing highly saleable 925 sterling silver jewelry.
Key Products/Services: Jewelry
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Kai Jewelry   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Kai jewelry is young minded, dynamic company that specialized in manufacturing trendi jewelry collections. Kai Jewelry offers 925 fashionable sterling silver designs, contemporary 9k gold lines, and highly saleable 14k collection.
Key Products/Services: Jewelry
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Zanfeld ltd   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Zanfeld is a manufacturer and a designer, of high quality fine silver jewelry combined with a unique setting of 14k gold, and semiprecious gemstones. We are coming from a long line of goldsmiths; the sixth generation is already at the jewelry bench. Zanfeld provide to their customers new and classic designs Offering unique styles of silver rings, pendants, cable bracelets, Fashion earrings, necklaces with gemstones. We take pride in designing and producing beautiful collections of fine je...
Key Products/Services: Jewelry
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VIGO Jewelry Ltd   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Vigo is one of Israel's leaders of 9.25 silver jewelry, gold filled pieces, gold plated pieces and gold and silver jewelry with semi-precious stones and swarovsky elements.
Key Products/Services: Jewelry
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