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Company Introduction: This is Ravi from “The fashionultimate” (An ISO9001-2000 Certified Company), Tirupur – India, I would like to introduce ourselves that we are the production /Manufacturing and sourcing people at Tirupur –India ACCESS TO OUR PROCESSING UNITS: We have excellent rapport with extensive Eco-friendly infrastructure at their control, which includes: Soft flow Dyeing Machines, Rotary printing machine, Compacting & Tumble Dry Machines, All type of Foreign Knitting Machines, Yarn Dyes, Ti...
Key Products/Services: T-shirts , Polo shirts , pyjam'a , Kids wear , Men's Wear , Womens Wear and All kind of Knitted garments
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Sociedad Agrícola Sierra Verde   -  Peru 
Company Introduction: We are a enterprise that produces and sells agricultural products of quality as: Coffee, oil of sacha inchi (the finest oil the world), quinua, amaranth among others. Besides we have extensive work experiencie in cultivations as asparagus, alcachofas, peppers, grapes among others.
Key Products/Services: Coffee, oil sacha inchi, quinua, amaranth, and others
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The Soundings Group, LLC   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: The company focuses in new business development, new market entry and marketing guidance. We specialize in in medical: device, technologies and services, although have extensive experience in consumer packaged goods. We often implement ideation or brainstorming sessions to identify new business building ideas, as well as strategy sessions and medical advisory boards. The Soundings Group also helps companies in technology transfer and product commercialization.
Key Products/Services: Consulting
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Control-Export   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: יצוא סחורות וניהול פרויקטים
Key Products/Services: ייצוא
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Sentinel Public Relations Pvt Ltd   -  India 
Company Introduction: SENTINEL PUBLIC RELATIONS PVT LTD (SPR) was founded in 1997 by Mr Mitesh M Kapadia and presently provides comprehensive services in the field of Public Relations to a wide array of corporate clients ranging from white goods manufacturers to pharma companies to real estate companies and hotels. Our services include Public relations planning, Media relations (media liaison, news releases, press conferences, media briefings, one-on-one Interviews, plant/site visits, news monitoring etc), Crisis Com...
Key Products/Services: Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Crisis Management, Media Relations, Advertising
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Stav Ship L.T.D   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Stavship Logistics Ltd. Is an import-export services company, registered with the Israeli Department of Trade, ISO and a number if International and national organizations. We work with manufacturers across the globe.
Key Products/Services: Urea, Sager, Cement, D2, Pien Wood MDF Rice Cooking Oil
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Keren Omri Trade   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Trade
Key Products/Services: Machines
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SmallTalk Ltd   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: SmallTalk ltd is a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) providing cost saving roaming solutions for travellers. our solutions, based on International SIM cards, enable a traveller to maintain contact with family or office at a quarter of cost compared to any traditional roaming alternative. SmallTalk is looking for partners worldwide, in North America, Europe, Africa & Asia, to offer its services to travellers worldwide.
Key Products/Services: International SIM cards - special lower rates for usage in Asia & North America
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Ameriflex   -  Turkey 
Company Introduction: AMERIFLEX FOREIGN TRADE Experience, Knowledge, Self-confidence, Reliance and Sincerity has been brought together; Ameriflex has come to existence. The Purpose of the establishment of Ameriflex is to provide products and services by working in international markets in accordance with customer\'s demands and to promote its product scale in the world markets. As Ameriflex it is our duty to protect the goods while furnishing services from order until instalments, namely A-Z, to the cus...
Key Products/Services: Trading Company
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Nayax   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: Nayax Executive Summary Nayax is one of the global leading providers for wireless cashless and telemetry solution for vending machines all in one system, we provide clearing for micro-transactions payments and monitoring and alerts for Vending Machines operators. Nayax was founded in 2006 as a separate entity from its sister company Dually to focus on the development of the technology and the business outside Israel. Nayax Technology is certified and secured our payments system approved PCI...
Key Products/Services: Cashless and telemetry for vending operator world wide .
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Israel Cosmedics   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: We represents the leading Israel cosmetics brands in huge variety of product categories such as cosmeceutical and cosmeceuticals products, professional skin care products, and the best of Israeli cosmetics products. The Israel Cosmetics industry has been producing cosmeceuticals based upon the healing powers of the Dead Sea, Judea Desert and local medicinal plants. We offer consumers, SPAs and cosmeticians around the world attractive prices and direct access to the leading Israel cosmet...
Key Products/Services: Cosmeceuticals and professional skin care products
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HQTS   -  China 
Company Introduction: Qc inspeciton in china
Key Products/Services: Inspection
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Korea Biotechnology Industry Organization   -  Korea, Republic of 
Company Introduction: We have over 300 biotech companies in Korea.
Key Products/Services: 1:1 meeting
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CMS Glass Machinery   -  Turkey 
Company Introduction: CMS Glass Machinery stands for Automatic Insulating Glass Production Line and Services, Glass Washing Machines, Glass Cutting Machines, Double Glass Machines, Glass Processing Machines, Glass Tempering Machines and Flat Glass Tempering Furnace Machines that can meet all production capacity demands.
Key Products/Services: Automatic Insulating Glass Production Line and Services, Glass Washing Machines, Glass Cutting Machines, Double Glass Machines, Glass Processing Machines, Glass Tempering Machines
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Formulae 8 Pty Ltd   -  Australia 
Company Introduction: Formulae 8 is seeking partnership and joint ventures with technology start-up companies by enabling their discoveries and technologies and convert these into winning consumer products for the cosmetics & beauty industry. Formulae 8 is engaged in the following R&D activities: 1. Consumer & Sensory Science and Customer Connectivity  2. Formulation & Product Design  3. New Product Development  4. Claims Support & Substantiation   5. R&D Systems & Managem...
Key Products/Services: Consumer Product & Technology Development and Joint Ventures in Cosmetics & Beauty Industry
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Formulae 8 Pty Ltd   -  Australia 
Company Introduction: Formulae 8 is seeking to partner with technology start-up companies in enabling new discoveries and technologies and convert them into winning consumer products for the cosmetics and beauty industries. Formulae 8 is active in the following Research & Development activities in the cosmetics industry: 1) Consumer Science and Customer Development 2) Formulation and Product Design 3) New Product Development 4) Claim Support and Substantiation 5) R&D Systems & Management 6) Intellectual Prop...
Key Products/Services: Consumer Product & Technology Development and Joint Ventures in cosmetics industry
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Surcam   -  Russian Federation 
Company Introduction: SurcamDental manufectures dental abutments,and implants, made of titanium, in the highest level, we look forward to expand into Russia, and start with Yekaterinburg city,
Key Products/Services: Dental abutments, and dental implants
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HKDL- HongKong Donglin Precision Metal co. LTD.   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: HKDL-HONG KONG DONGLIN PRECISION METAL CO.LTD • CNC carving and accurate erosion. • Automatic CNC carving from stainless steel, brass and aluminum. • Electronic equipment including coating color and printing. • Wax Casting of aluminum. • Die-casting of aluminum. • Plastic- Molds production and injection of products from all types of the raw materials. • Stamping- Molds production and parts. • Production of springs from proportion 0.08 until 8 mm. We manufacture and ...
Key Products/Services: Metal and Plastic
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DRUYAN   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: We use a unique furmula to creat the best perfumes, using perfume essences from the best factories in France. Our perfumes are top of the line, high quality perfumes. We have a wide variaty of perfumes (all compare to the name brand perfumes).
Key Products/Services: Perfumes
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fsale. computer solutions ltd.   -  Israel 
Company Introduction: We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions to the private sector and SMEs. Market and large companies, service providers and solutions leading brands. Since the company we enjoy global trade relations and through that we market and represent the leading brands. All products marketed by us undergo strict testing laboratories overseas companies our quality control laboratories in the country. We specialize in the marketing of second hand computers of all types including hardware after s...
Key Products/Services: Services
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