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DOMMOS GmbH   -  Germany 
Company Introduction: - We are a young company with roots and know how dating back to 1955. As a family business, we are constantly trying to increase our standards to deliver the best product experience. The core product portfolio is paper products as well as home accessories such as napkins, table covers, gift wrap, candles etc. rn- All our products are made in Germany and Europe with the environment in mind. High quality standards guarantee a great product experience.rn- We are the only napkin company that is Kosh...
Key Products/Services: Design Paper/Tissue Napkin - Kosher/Kashrut Certified
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South Florida Foods Int'l, Inc   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: South Florida Foods Int'l, Inc has been in operations since the late 90's and primarily functions as an exporter and importer of frozen, fresh and dry foodstuffs such as BEEF, POULTRY, LAMB, and CHEESE among otherrnproteins.rnConveniently located in Miami, Florida, ["Gateway to the America's"], SFFII facilitates its activities throughout the markets of the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Mexico. The years of combined experience andrnknowledge have contributed to the company's success ...
Key Products/Services: US Beef, Poultry, Lamb, Veal, cheeses, seafood among other foodstuffs,
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Zhengzhou Ouna Machinery Co., Ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction:   Zhengzhou Ouna Machinery Co., Ltd. is a production and sales of induction heating equipment, multi-functional metal crusher, shredders, small melting furnace, mining electric vehicles, oil press equipment and other small machinery and equipment manufacturers. Ouna machinery always uphold integrity management, collaboration, truth-seeking, innovative business philosophy, during management, according to the mechanical parts processing industry product diversity, our machinery continue to ...
Key Products/Services: billet induction heating furnace
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Kangcare Bioindustry Co., Ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction: Kangcare - To care, To share, To be well.rnrnKangcare is a bio-science technology based company in the global market with a team of specialists, who focuses on developing and marketing innovative and proven bioactive ingredients, and delivering science-based health and beauty solutions to customers. We always provide follow-up service, technical support and innovation suggestions, to meet customers’ demands and help them to be successful.rnrnKangcare is the first company in China who develops ...
Key Products/Services: Cosmetic, health food , feed supplement raw material
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Company Introduction: To Provide First-class Service, To Produce First-class Goods.rnrnCHONGQING ASSEN POWER EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. is one of the most reliable and most professional oil purifier products manufacturer in china, we pay attention to quality, control costs, We can provide the most competitive oil cleaning equipments for customers.rnProducts & Services:rnDouble Stage Transformer Oil Purification system, Vacuum Lubricating Oil Purification, Vacuum Turbine Oil Conditioner, Portable Oil Purifier, Singe Stage Ins...
Key Products/Services: oil purifier machine, dry air generator, transformer oil filtration, transformer oil treatment, trailer transformer oil purifier, transformer oil purifier, transformer oil purification, transformer oil regeneration, transformer oil recondition, tran...
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Chongqing Assen Power Equipment Co.,LTD   -  China 
Company Introduction: To Provide First-class Service, To Produce First-class Goods.rnrnCHONGQING ASSEN POWER EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. is one of the most reliable and most professional oil purifier products manufacturer in china, we pay attention to quality, control costs, We can provide the most competitive oil cleaning equipments for customers.rnProducts & Services:rnDouble Stage Transformer Oil Purification system, Vacuum Lubricating Oil Purification, Vacuum Turbine Oil Conditioner, Portable Oil Purifier, Singe Stage Ins...
Key Products/Services: oil purifier, oil purifier machine,oil purification,oil filtration machine,vacuum oil dehydration,oil regeneration plant,oil treatment machine,transformer oil purification,transformer oil filtration machine,transformer oil treatment,oil reclamation,o...
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Komaroo Leather Industry   -  Pakistan 
Company Introduction: Hi,rnrnIt is Expected That You Will Be in The Search Of Reliable Company Which Can Give You Complete Satisfaction in Respect Of Fair & Regular Business With Each Others.rnrnWe Offer Our Services Re:rnQuick ResponsernCompetitive PricesrnBetter Follow UprnRealization Of Responsibility & Best QualityrnrnAt The Moment, We are Able To Cover Your All The Demands Re:rnrnQuality Leather Gloves Of All Types:rnWater-Proof Leather Driver Gloves, Welding Gloves,rnGarden Gloves, Anti-Vibration Gloves, Machan...
Key Products/Services: Working Gloves,Welding Gloves,Police Gloves,Garden Gloves,Driver Gloves
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GFM Business Development Pty (ltd)   -  South Africa 
Company Introduction: GFM Business development (Pty) ltd is establishing a boutique retail outlet and would like to import Israeli products for retail purposes.
Key Products/Services: Food
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North Pharmaceuticals   -  United States of America 
Company Introduction: North Pharmaceuticals. Created since 1996, we are a leader in the industry and not a follower. We create research compounds that are considered to be unique thus the reason we are achieving differentiation. If you need any research chemical, pain killer you can contact us directly or our sales managers. We are happy to provide you with the help you need to ensure you purchase the products you require.
Key Products/Services: Pharmaceutical pills, pain killer, pain pills, research chemicals
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200OK Solutions   -  United Kingdom 
Company Introduction: At 200OK Solutions we provide design & development services for SharePoint, Java, iOS, Android, .NET & PHP technologies to build web & mobile applications.
Key Products/Services: computer and mobile software development company
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Green Field Chemtech Co., Ltd   -  Taiwan 
Company Introduction: From Taiwan, GFC operates as an innovator and manufacturer with unique and advance technology in both medical high polymer materials and green specialty chemicals.rnrnProducts covering below:rn**Medical grade PVC, TPU, TPE compound rn**Ultra-high purity aromatic phenol derivatives as a raw material of polyester, polyurethane, rnacrylate and polycarbonate by adducting ethylene oxide or propylene oxide to be used as the monomer, oligomer, polymer and other related applications.
Key Products/Services: Manufacturing & Exporting for medical grade raw materials and alkoxylated phenol compound
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Double R Bags   -  India 
Company Introduction: We are please to introduce our self as one of the biggest manufacturer and exporter of eco-friendly bags in India Our bags are made of Jute, BOPP , Non-woven and Cotton Canvas material, the bags are widely used in all over India and abroad as well. The use of bags are for the packaging of bulk products which later are used for various purposes and as there would be logo and complete design of your company there will be presence of your company logo in the market whenever the consumer would use t...
Key Products/Services: Grocery bags , jute bags , wine bags , Tote bags , Non-woven bags , travelling bags
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lalsahgzeli   -  India 
Company Introduction: We are supplier of Ketamine Hydrochloride CAS no.6740-88-1, API, active pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates, with documentation and certification, DMF, FDA, US Drug Master Files. We offer as per requirements of RND/ Development quantities or commercials, Buy high quality source with supportive technical package. Ketamine Hydrochloride CAS no.6740-88-1 API, active pharmaceutical ingredient to the pharmaceutical industry. Our Ketamine Hydrochloride CAS no. 6740-88-1 is manufactured by cGMP...
Key Products/Services: phedrine, Cocaine, Heroin, Mephedrone, Ketamine, lsd, mdma, xanax, Lsd, oxycontin , meth crystals , aderral, weed
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Company Introduction: Yayi Goldpots deals in supply and export of gold dust and gold products. We have partnerships with local miners across the mining regions in Ghana. Our refined gold products are 100% pure gold in varying weights and sizes. rnWe are now using this opportunity to reach out to foreign Investors and Buyers, who are willing to buy and also ready to work with us for a Joint venture (JV) as well as buying some of our products. As you know, Ghana has high quality gold of 22 and even 24 carats in quality...
Key Products/Services: GOLD BARS
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Global Cooperative Limited   -  Philippines 
Company Introduction: Global Cooperative Limited is a Philippines,USA,HUNGARY company that has been in operation since 1985.Specifically, we are focused on Agro Products, exporting Sunlower oil,palmoil,cashew nut,black pepper andother agro products .We also assist individuals and companies interested in partnership in our company .
Key Products/Services: sunflower,palm oil,nuts,black pepper,A4 papper,rough diamond
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chinago & effiong corp sarl   -  Cameroon 
Company Introduction: we are Chinago & Effiong Corp Sarl. based in cameroon,we are looking to buy 85000 dozens of T-shirt for the upcoming event of campaign for peaceful demostration in cameroon,we invited suplier serious and capable to handle the supply to contact us for bidding application procedurernwe invite only serious and capable supplierrnthanksrnMr Chinago Effiong
Key Products/Services: looking to buy T-shirt
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Company Introduction: We are registered Licensed Gold and diamonds Mining Company
Key Products/Services: GOLD BARS & DIAMONDS
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AL IBDAA AL SHAMIKH BLDG MAT TR L.L.C.   -  United Arab Emirates 
Company Introduction: AL IBDAA AL SHAMIKH BLDG MAT TR L.L.C. is a leading plywood dealer in Middle East & North African, along with the localization projects supplying.rnOur main items including: Film faced plywood, OSB, Ordinary plywood, MDF, PVC etc.rnWith the gulf countries projects increasing, the premier quality of plywood demanding growing.rnAccording to the 2017 MDNA projects sharping, the wood products increased the consummation only next to the cement & steel.rnOur company followed the tide of clients reques...
Key Products/Services: Film faced plywood, OSB, Ordinary plywood, MDF, PVC etc.
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alicotehltd   -  Cameroon 
Company Introduction: we are high suppliers of any type of goods
Key Products/Services: paper
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Ruian Have Machinery Co.,Ltd   -  China 
Company Introduction: Ruian Have machinery Co., LTD is professional in flexo printing machine, rotary die cutting machine, adhesive sticker label auto die cutting machine, auto slitting machine ect. With several years of manufacturing experience and high technology.  Our factory located in Ruian Dongshan Economical Development Zone which is the origin of Ruian machinery manufacturing. Excellent processing technology, grown machinery spare parts industrial zone, good location and de...
Key Products/Services: flexo printing machine
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